16 Bar Melody-Final


So here’s my final 16 bar melody. I’ve moved a few of the crescendos and decrescendos around to make this song easier to play and to make it sound smoother on a computer. I have taken commenter’s feedback into account and made modifications accordingly. I have added a tempo marking so that the player knows what speed to play it at.

You can listen to the song here: Final 16 Bar Melody


  1. Beautiful, quoted from Mr. O’Toole. It has excellent tempo and many dynamics. Your song consists of excellent melodies and good repetitions and variety of rhythms. It has nice tempo changes. Your song is a beautiful flowing melody. Your song is finely done.

  2. good ending and a good repetition and variation of notes. There is one line thats almost the same of the other one but they have a different ending

  3. The song uses a variety of dynamics, and the song starts on G. The last bars are basically the same. there is a good use of repetition, and the song is mostly conjunct.

  4. A very nice melody and I love your dynamics and articulation. Good repetition and variety of notes. Nice conjunct and disjunct. Beautiful flow in the melody 🙂

  5. I like your melody. It has some good dynamics, slurs, and a nice ending. It is all very smooth, has some good variety and repetition. Good JOB.

  6. There is good dynamic and tempo. I enjoy how you used the G major key. Good repetition and variety. The slurs make it more smooth.

  7. I like how you used dynamics and had the tempo and how you started and finished on the tonic. I also like how you used a variety of notes and also used repetition.

  8. I like the use of dynamics and the tempo is good. You also started and finished on the tonic which is good. I like the repetition with a little bit of a variation.

  9. I really like your melody and the dynamics are really nice. Good use of repetition and overall, it’s a beautiful piece 🙂

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