Composition Study – Rhythm

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So now we’ve started composing our own song! It’s just a little 8-bar exercise. Today we only worked on rhythm. We spent the first 40 minutes of class (almost) just talking about how you can’t have a note that doesn’t let the beginning of the third beat be shown, at least when it’s sight-read. If the sound bridges it’s okay. I made 6 out of the 8 bars in my little rhythm, and we were asked to have a partner do our third and fourth bars. We were asked to name our pieces, and I tried to make it sound professional, but I think my French grammar needs some fine-tuning (J’ai étudié le Français pour trois année, en école).

I tried to make my rhythm seem not totally random, I tried to have a similar rhythm or way of counting at least every 2 bars. I guess I became more aware of this after seeing my flute exam song: Cantabile et Presto by George Enesco. There’s some good recordings on YouTube. The song seems as if the composer made no attempt to make rhythmic patterns, it’s a pain to sight-read and the syncopation is difficult to follow.

Give me feedback on this rhythm!

  • Does it finish on a long note?

  • Are the phrases balanced?

  • Is there variety?

  • Is there repetition/imitation?


  1. Yan Yan says:
    Does it finish on a long note?
    Yes it does.
    Are the phrases balanced?
    Yes, they are very well balanced.
    Is there variety?
    Variety is present in certain bars.
    Is there repetition/imitation?
    Yes, the dotted rhythm.

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