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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

LO7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

After growing up in Hong Kong, there are a lot of things you learn about the way people interact with people around them and the environment especially. We see a lot of waste and garbage around when going to places like the beach, that’s why planning a beach cleanup is a good idea to get people to be aware of their actions, and to do something for the environment and the community. Besides organizing a beach cleanup, during Green Week at school, the E-Club is doing a sale on plastic free products to promote sustainable lifestyles around the CDNIS community. A big part of my life now is my food plan which limits the amount of meat I consume in a week to a very small amount. I have noticed that I feel better after eating less meat and I am more conscious of the environmental impact of my food choices.

LO3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

My CAS project, which was when I initiated a CAS experience, was my involvement in the E-Club, by planning events like the family fun fair booth where we sold no waste products to the school community. This required a lot of planning as we had to find a suitable company to buy our products from. After finding “Plastic Free HK” we now have a good connection to this company and a good enough relationship that we plan to sell more of their products during Green Week at school! As well as other outside of school activities like a beach cleanup, and a possible scuba diving adventure trip during the summer. These activities have allowed for me to practice leadership skills while also working on organizational skills and collaboration with everyone in the club. Launching new ideas like negotiating with Maxims to ban plastic straws in the school and switch to paper straws, is an idea that I hope to turn into an actual plan in CDNIS. All this event planning has taught me that it is important to engage with the community and reflect on my actions, by making sure that everything I do is helping the environment in some way.

In the beginning we needed to investigate what the main problems around the world are, and by focusing on plastic pollution we found that it is very common that straws are an issue in many regions around the world. We have discussed it with teachers and other students, and they all believe it is a very good idea that the E-Club should plan and initiate, while in the process of trying to slowly incorporate paper straws instead of plastic into the cafeteria, we can eventually turn it into a permanent thing.

LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

I understand that in order to get better at all the CAS experiences I have involved myself in, I need to persevere through those busy times in my last year of school. By continually going to dance classes, E-Club Meetings (and organizing them), and studying for my Scuba Diving exam, I have learned that perseverance is extremely important. Another aspect of my life that is important to persevere is the food plan with less meat, I feel like even when there are situations where it may be difficult to stick to my food plan, I try and get through without eating meat because I know that it’s for a greater cause.

LO5 – Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

During many of the CAS experiences I have involved myself in, I have noticed that not everything can be done by yourself, and it is important to work together with the people around you to achieve a common goal. During a diving trip in the Philippines where I worked with other environmentalists that work to clean the oceans by collecting garbage during their diving trips. Another experience that was important for working collaboratively is during my dance classes where we have to make dances together as a team.

LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I have noticed that while being an executive of a school club, there is a lot of opportunity to work on leadership and organisational skills. These have definitely been two areas that I have needed to work on, and I feel as though being an exec has allowed me to develop these skills. By organising meetings and events, I have been able to work on time management skills, by making sure I have enough time for work, while also being able to complete all my responsibilities for the club. Also helping to lead a club has allowed me to work on leadership skills by helping people who want to be executives next year feel comfortable with the club and teaching them the importance of the club.

A strength for me is my ability to collaborate with my peers, I have noticed not only in the E-Club that my collaboration skills have developed further, but also in other aspects of CAS. While building houses on CAS trips there were a lot of moments that we had to work together to achieve the tasks laid out for us, and that is when it became very important to work together as a team.

I have also grown as an individual by challenging myself through my dancing. By trying new styles of dance I have challenged my abilities and furthered my mental strength by setting goals for myself. There are a lot of moments where reflection are important in dance, and during many moments throughout the year I have found that is important for myself to reflect on goals that I have achieved while also setting new goals for myself.


iFolio Post: LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

Last year, I began scuba diving more professionally as a new challenge to myself to try something new and scary, and have now ended up completing around 9 dives, which I am extremely proud of. I found it very scary during my first dive, the entire dive consisted of anxiety surrounding the little tank of oxygen being my only way of survival underwater, but when I was given the opportunity to try it again, instead of backing out, I went through with it. It was really empowering for me as well because I conquered this fear and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. I am now working towards my open water license, which allows me to dive deeper and with less assistance from dive instructors. I developed a new skill that I will hopefully use for a long time, as it was an incredibly enjoyable experience and I hope to continue it in the future. 

I am not an experienced hiker, and don’t do it quite often, although I tried something new by going on a hiking trip in Nepal. It was incredibly challenging as it was 5 days of constant hiking, but in the end I persevered and found it really great to try something new like this, and to challenge myself not just physically but also by trying something I didn’t feel that comfortable doing.

LO6 – Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

While in the Philippines on a scuba diving trip, I stayed in a diving resort called Evolution, which promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of living. One of their biggest accomplishments is banning plastic straws in their resort as they are aware of the impact on the marine life around them. They are also incredibly aware of the damage of garbage and plastic waste on marine life that they encourage the use of reusable bags as opposed to plastic bags. I am already very environmentally aware, but while scuba diving I decided to make a direct positive difference to the devastating effects of pollution in the ocean by collecting garbage while diving. It was a life changing experience because I could see my difference in the end by the amount of garbage that I collected in the end. This diving resort encouraged me to take action on my passion for the environment and its beauty by doing something to help it, and because of this experience I feel as though I have made a positive change in the world. 

Another experience that is extremely valuable to me is my choice to reduce my meat consumption and by encouraging my family to the point that we all eat less meat because of this. I created a special food plan for my family and I that allows us to eat chicken, beef, lamb, and fish, each once a week, so that our meat consumption is not completely eliminated but it is diminished which is incredibly good. I’ve become extremely passionate about environmental issues, and have encouraged everyone around me to be more environmentally aware as well. This food plan has made me realise how much meat my family and I consumed before, and just how devastating that can be because of over meat consumption nowadays, but after doing this for about 6 months now, I feel very good about this decision as I have helped not only reduce my carbon footprint but also have encouraged my family to reduce theirs too. 

While in Nepal on a school trip that consisted of mostly hiking, my friends and I noticed a considerable amount of garbage along the way that everyone just ignored and walked past, but being incredibly bothered by it, we decided to start collecting it along the way, ending up with three completely full garbage bags at the end of a one day hike. This was an experience that I find incredibly valuable because it made me truly realise how many people in this world do not make good choices to protect the environment from harm, and how careless some can be with their garbage. After seeing all the garbage we picked up, I had a newfound appreciation for the work of environmentalists in organisations and such as they work towards protecting the environment everyday.  

History + Human Sciences – Bias

“We should always aim to acquire knowledge that is free from Bias. Evaluate this statement in History and one other AOK.”


When studying events that happened many years ago, unless you were there it is quite possible that however you obtained the information of an event is somehow bias. When studying history it is important that people are aware of the truth of events that happened in the past, the truth that is free from bias. It is very important to acquire knowledge that is free from bias as we as individuals in society are not told of the events truthfully and may be influenced by the bias that was presented in the information given to us. The saying that there are two sides to every story applies to history, as people do have their own opinions of how an event happened, thus providing the truth but a truth that may be influenced by personal factors. Another AOK that should always try and provide knowledge that is as unbiased as possible is the human sciences. The human sciences are naturally very bias as we are humans studying ourselves and our behavioural patterns and such, but when there are opportunities to limit bias, we should. The human sciences would not be as good at truthfully giving information if bias is masking the actual value of the information that is provided from studies done in this field. Therefore, in history and in human sciences bias should be considered and limited in the production of knowledge in these two AOK’s.

Human Sciences

Link to presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JbATh0gqpuYKXiA2K_t8-S6sbBZeuDMyWDt2Kb47JzI/edit?ts=58fdfb1b#slide=id.g1dd3854105_0_63

Identify the factors that contribute to (or take away from) reliability/certainty.

Factors that take away from reliability include the way that questions are asked can blind you leading to answering with a response that does not accurately reflect your stance on the topic. Sometimes the situation that you are put in to answer the question can influence the way you answer it. For example, a presentation watched today talked about the relationship between the number of hours you sleep a night on average vs. your level of self esteem. If people are asked about their self esteem in person (face to face) the likeliness of them answering honestly is questionable. Some people may feel this question puts them in an uncomfortable situation and they may change their answer to better suit themselves, this ultimately skews the data. The number of questions that are asked in the survey can also influence.

Suggest ways that Human Scientists can increase the reliability of their claims.

Human scientists struggle a lot with finding ways that would give them credibility as people as well as giving reliability to their claims. Human scientists could find ways to eliminate possible variables that were not controlled, and that cannot be manipulated in any way. Although, because human scientists study trends in human behaviour, it is hard to find ways to try and eliminate bias because we are in the end studying ourselves, which ultimately creates a fair amount of bias.

AOK – The Arts

“The arts should not be considered an area of knowledge.”

The arts are important for human life to be explained and experienced in a more visual and creative way, that may tap into the emotions of individuals, allowing them to understand a concept more thoroughly. People can use the arts to create an idea they want to share with others, in a way that can be interpreted by more people, creating a more diverse set of ideas on the same piece of shared knowledge. Arts create an important platform for provoking emotion but also ideas and does in several ways counts as knowledge, would we have knowledge of what colours make us feel certain ways if we did not have arts to show us the ways colours are used. We often look at art as either “beautiful” or not good enough, if we have art to tell us what’s beautiful and what is not, in the end, is a form of knowledge.


If mathematics is created by humans, why do we sometimes feel that mathematical truths are objective facts about the world rather than something constructed by human beings?

We believe that mathematical truths are objective facts about the world because the evidence that is derived from several studies and tests that were conducted reliably tell us that under un-influenced conditions this is a mathematical fact. If we do not influence the experiment in any way to gather this evidence, it is considered reliable, meaning that it is a truth and can be concluded as a mathematical fact. Although, everywhere we go there is some sort of human influence on our surroundings, meaning there is a strong chance that any mathematical theory that has been “proven” may be subjective.

Personal Profile

Over the past years, I have accomplished a lot as an individual that has changed me as well as the community. CAS week is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in my high school years as I always feel that I have accomplished something wonderful for the people around me. I find it important to appreciate what you have and your life, and that has taught me that it is incredibly important to help the less fortunate, especially when you have the power to do so. This year I was fortunate to be able to visit India, where I could experience a different culture that was full of exciting opportunities. I was able to engage with the kids at a school we visited, where we played games and sang songs, and although it is not considered direct service, we all had a lot of fun just hanging out together as kids that come from all around the world. Living in Hong Kong has allowed me to become an independent and international citizen in ways that I can not even understand completely. I have met so many people that have made me become the open-minded and experienced person I am today. Being able to visit the world with CDNIS and seen the lives of others and immersing myself in other cultures have made me more socially aware about issues facing this planet. This lead to teaching me how appreciative I should be for all that I have been able to do, and so one of the most memorable experiences would be being able to live in Hong Kong as a whole which came with a ton of other meaningful memories.

Strengths, skills, talents
I think one of my most recognised talents is dance. I started at a young age and ever since I was 4, I have seen an incredible amount of growth in myself as a dancer but also as an individual. Dance has taught me to persevere through the tough times in life, but also that it is important to realize that as long as you believe that you are capable of accomplishing your goals, you can no matter how difficult the journey may be. Growth is my main drive for working hard every time I start dancing, I know that there may be bad days where you feel things are impossible to achieve, but there are also good days where you feel you can do anything, and this realization has helped me in dance but also in life, and I would count this as a strength. Giving up does not get you to your end goal, and therefore this has taught me that giving up is never an option.

What you have to work hard at
One of the things I would say are something I have to work hard at is my time management. I would not say my time management is terrible, and I do get everything done that needs to be done, but I feel there is a better way to organize the time in my day to favour me. Having spare time for yourself is extremely important, not necessarily time for sports but more for other bobbies such as reading, and I feel that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything, the way it has been done for the last few months. If I were to organize my day and each hour more efficiently, I feel that I may have more time to myself. This motivation will help me work hard and making sure I choose better times to do the things I need to do, so that I do have more down time.

Science vs Pseudoscience

When looking at the difference between science and pseudoscience, we sometimes find it difficult to determine what is truth and what is false. The claim can be made for what is art vs what it is not, yet it is different when it comes to looking at the sciences. Science is very fact-based, and looks at evidence that can justify theories or hypothesis. After looking at evidence, there is a conclusion that is made with this reliable evidence. In the sciences, theory and a scientific conclusion can evidently be made visible. This is a similar idea for pseudoscience. Pseudoscience influences people into believing something is true as it based on “evidence”, yet this evidence may only be applicable to one instance, rather than being universally applicable to all other instances, like solid scientific evidence can be.

Because of the influence that people can have on each other, clearly evident in the media, we find it hard to distinguish the difference between fact and false fact sometimes. For example, astrology. Astrology looks at the stars and produces horoscopes for different star signs. Some people believe these are scientific as it does study the starts, such as the similar-in-name term, astronomy. But, the difference between these two is clearly there, yet we are told otherwise. This is another example of people not getting enough information and having enough access to information that would help push them to challenge claims that seem to show something to be the truth, when in reality it is completely unreliable and not backed up by solid scientific evidence.

What distinguishes the natural sciences from other AOK’s?

A lot of the other AOK’s include belief as one of their strategies for developing knowledge about the topic. Something like ethics, is very specific to a community or a group and can often be influenced by belief and religion. The sciences are not influenced by other AOKS’s in comparison to the influential stance that religion can have on ethics. Science includes people that have to have previous knowledge to understand other knowledge that is scientific. Often times you have to be able to understand science to learn about it because it is our world and there is solid evidence around us. If we look at history, we know that we have to have knowledge on the past and be able to infer on the historical aspects of countries based on people and evidence, but sometimes when studying history it can get unreliable. Mathematics has been decided and we know that what people study in maths now is what has been developed from years and years of studying. But the biggest distinguisher I believe is natural sciences is constantly changing, and it is something that can be looked at as the generations go on. History is set in stone, this is what happened and it won’t change. Mathematical formulas have been set and that is what we will use. Religions change but are based on historical things that people believe happened. And so on.


“The vagueness and ambiguity of language always limits the production of knowledge.”

What questions come up as we consider this claim?

  • Is language ever not the first way of allowing you to learn new things?
  • If language is always limiting the production of knowledge, can we really be sure of a definition of language if it is all around us?
  • What makes language the most ambiguous and vague way of learning?

Explore this claim with respect to two AOK’s.

In the sciences, people make inferences based on what they observe from the natural world. The way they articulate what they see may be different to what other people describe what they see. After making careful observations they will discuss with other people and their ideas will come up, but sometimes those ideas are vague and have too much room for interpretation. But, after having a discussion with other people other ideas might come up in the conversation and a solid statement comes from the situation. In this way, the vagueness of language allows for more exploration of an idea, and more search for insight into a certain topic, therefore the vagueness of language does not always limit the production of knowledge.

In the arts, people are more emotionally involved with their pieces of work, and creating something that speaks a certain idea. But art is something that is open to interpretation for everyone that observes it. Although, art may be so vague that you may think it prevents or limits the production of knowledge, there is always a different way someone is going to view something they see, and it is important to have opinions and different perspectives, so sometimes interpretation from something so vague, can come from art. But on the other hand, artists do specific things to their art pieces that could make it seem like there is not much of interpretation left, and thats when the general use of colour and shapes, comes in to make the piece seem like every other piece of art.

Reason and Logic

What is the difference between deductive and inductive logic? 

Inductive logic is ideas you get based on past experiences and what you have previously witnessed. For example saying that something will happen because it happened before. It is also the type of reasoning that scientists use, and is mostly scientific theory. Deductive logic is something you know and is certain to be true or to happen, this is the kind of thinking and reasoning that people use in math. It provides certainty, unlike inductive logic. Having an idea/premise then moving on to create a conclusion is deductive logic.

What are the problems with each of these kinds of logic and what we can do to overcome some of these problems?

The problem with inductive logic is that anything could change at any given moment in time. Something that you saw happen one day, could never happen again, and therefore the thought that you created when witnessing something is not valid, and it is less certain. The problem with deductive logic, it can be one sided, sometimes. Occasionally creating bias about the conclusion.

IB DP Reflection

During the IB retreat we did several activities and learned a lot about the DP life, and specifically what we need to expect. One of the things we talked about was stress and how that relates to everything that we do in the DP. There were a lot of discussions on what we should be doing to manage stress and being a successful student comes from being balanced and being organized with all the things that you have to do. When I first started grade 11 I was genuinely worried about what I should expect and what I would have to go through, but after going to the retreat I feel a lot more comfortable with what is about to happen and how to deal with it. I didn’t know what was going to happen, and I came into grade 11 feeling quite clueless. Now, I feel more comfortable with the situation I’m in and feel that I am ready for the year!

We talked a lot about university prep, and what to expect in the coming years about university and how to deal with that. This made me feel way less stressed than before as hearing all the information from rumours that would circulate through the grade, made me quite anxious about the school years, but now that I know all the details I feel way more comfortable with what I need to do to be prepped for university. There was a lot of worry that I had about the predicted scores, and what those were, but after all the rumours were put aside and I was explained the actual details about it, I feel way more comfortable with everything. All of this is all under the theme of finding your path, and learning but also figuring out what you want to do.

What was really helpful relating to finding our paths, was having the talk with the alumni’s, because I could hear what they had to say about their life in the DP. I got to understand what becomes important and what is not so relevant anymore. I understand the importance of CAS but also getting yourself involved in the school, such as joining clubs.

In the TOK class, we discussed the idea of certainty. Throughout this class, I constantly thought, “Can I be certain?”. This session made me think about the idea that can we really be certain that there is certainty? When we look at ideas or statistical facts, can we be certain that there is not something hiding the truth, or there is much more behind what we see everyday. Different aspects of life being more certain than others, like science and math where most ideas are based on reasoning and observation. Then there is poetry, which we got to explore in one of the sessions, is more uncertain, in the way that there is an wide range of things that could come from exploring your mind and the ideas that inhabit it.


A good historian strives to be as unemotional as possible, this is the only way to write accurate history


  • Suggest evidence that supports the claim.

History is based on facts so putting emotional bias into writing, for example a history book, makes it an unreliable source. Everything that historians study has already happened and the content that they write about should be un-bias as they’re just talking about what happened in the past. If you include your emotions into writing history, there will be specific peoples feelings included, rather than focusing on the facts.

  • Put forward a counter-argument with supporting example(s)

Sometimes when writing about a specific country and their history, you could be talking about what the citizens felt in a certain situation, for example Germans during the second world war. If a historian is from Germany writing about history, it could be good to include how the citizens felt as they may know someone involved. If you are a German historian, you are going to feel personally connected to the problem, and you can write more effectively.

  • Decide what your view is (come to terms between the two competing claims)

I believe that it is overall best for a historian to not include their emotion when writing history as it is purely based on facts because everything has already happened. There is no room for adding in your own thoughts or feelings when writing history because you would be writing it incorrectly then.


  1. Sum up the main problems with the senses that we have discussed this lesson.

The main problems with the senses are that they can vary based on different people and what those individuals experiences are. One person may have seen one object, and another person could be looking at the same object at the same time, but because of their passed experiences their connection with the object is going to be different. Another example is if you are tasting something, lets say it was durian. Someone might think that it tastes good, but someone else might think it is the worst thing they have ever tried, but the actual taste of the food, doesn’t change, but peoples perception of it does.

2. Even though there are problems with our perceptual systems, this doesn’t mean that our senses are completely unreliable. Under what circumstances should we trust/ can we have more faith in the evidence of our senses?

When one of the senses is not available, meaning that one of them does not work, you will rely more heavily on the ones that do to help you get around. For example if you are blind and you need to get around, you are more likely to rely on your touch and sound so that you can still understand the environment you are in, but you perceiving it different than someone that can see everything.

Personal & Shared Knowledge

Personal knowledge is something that comes from your experiences that you have lived, and the ideas that come from those experiences. Personal knowledge could also come from stories that are valuable to you and you took a certain idea out of that experience that made you think about something a certain way. It may be things that you only know how to do, or is something that is hard to articulate to someone else because it is something very personalized to your experiences or your life.

Shared knowledge is pieces of information that is widely known by a lot of people. A lot of the time, they are facts and ideas that people have validated in groups as something to be true. There can be cultural knowledge, where only ideas are known to a certain culture or group of people. Often shared between several people.

Because we know more, and there is more shared knowledge, there is less chance of any idea that is stated being the correct way or idea. There is more discussion and discovery of ideas and information that doesn’t allow for superstition and being gullible. if I did the experiment the way I was told to do it, I would trust myself

Question #2 (51)

  • I would trust myself because there are many factors that could have impacted my results
  • sometimes those factors may change the results slightly, but you won’t ever get the same results as everyone else 

Question #1e (52)

  • being powerful people they tend to be able to manipulate others into thinking a certain way
  • because people see them as more than themselves, their beliefs may be “more important” or “make more sense” but just because their powerful, this is not the case
  • everyone should be entitled of having their own opinion, and even if they do they should not allow any one to influence or manipulate that opinion unless there is sufficient evidence that the person in powers opinion actually is more valid
  • it might change their idea to just be like the most powerful person

Question #3 (51)

I believe everything is open to questioning, who’s to say that the person that said that it shouldn’t have been questioned is correct, or is just saying that for the sake of. I believe there are some things that are beyond question but those are only things that have been shared knowledge for generations and generations. Ideas and concepts were once created by people, and they probably questioned their own ideas before finalising it into an idea that generations would live based on. 

The World at War – Unit Questions

What were the causes and consequences of World War II? (factual)

I believe there were many causes and consequences of the war as there were several areas of the world that were war zones. If we look at the European Theatre, I believe that the Nazi Regime and Hitler’s rise to power is the major cause for the war. Because Hitler was invading different countries for control, he was aggravating other countries that protected and allied with the countries being invaded. These countries that he aggravated were quite strong and powerful, and when countries like the U.K got involved with Germany, this is when the whole war started. There were several consequences as well such as 70 million deaths after the war, and this includes civilians and soldiers. This is quite a large number that does in fact impact us today. The Cold War could also be considered a consequence of the war as this was before the superpower countries split up Germany as being allies, but Stalin and the USSR had different plans. If the Soviet Union had not been a winner of the war and on the allied side, then the Yalta Meeting would not have occurred which would not have started the arms race.

Why do nations go to war? (conceptual)

Countries go to war because they want power, generally war can start with countries invading smaller countries to seem more powerful. When a country has a strong army with good technology or battle strategies, they want to go to war to show that they are superior to others and that they can take on countries that seem stronger. Countries that go to war also may wish to steal or take resources that they do not have to help the citizens in that country. Another reason countries go to war is often relating to religious or racial beliefs. When countries want to stand up and go fight for what they believe in, and against someone that has wronged them or oppressed their religion or race.

What was the most significant aspect of the World War II? (debatable)

I think the whole war itself was quite significant and the most significant part is definitely debatable. I believe that the most significant aspect of the war was the amount of soldiers and civilians that died fighting for their country. Around 70 million people died in World War II which is a significantly large number. Some countries lost more people fighting in WWII than in all the wars they have fought in in history. This is something that I thin is quite important when we look back on this event. The USSR lost around 40 million civilians and soldiers by the end of the war. I believe this was the most significant aspect of the war after the fact, but I believe that events like the Holocaust, Attack on Pearl Harbour, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were also very significant in terms of during the actual war.

IB Learner Profile Trait #2: Balanced

IB Learner Profile Trait #2: Balanced

Being balanced means that I understand and acknowledge the importance of being physically, academically, and emotionally involved to ensure my personal well-being. These pieces of evidence show that I am involved in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. By physically making sure I am healthy and balancing school and social life, I dance. It is a way to help me be active and healthy physically, but it also emotionally and mentally lets me relax from the stress at school. By dancing I allow my mind and my body to focus on something else besides school and I feel so much happier and overall healthier. I also focus a lot on my school work and make sure that I am doing the best that I can in each subject. I enjoy learning and going to school so it isn’t hard for me. I am a very diligent student an always work my hardest in each subject because I know that it will pay off in the end. The first piece of evidence is a picture of me dancing, and my second piece of evidence is my honour roll certificate.

Evidence #1: Dance

ib learner profile


Evidence #2: Honour Roll Certificate

photo (1)



IB Learner Profile Trait #5: Inquirer

IB Learner Profile Trait #5: Inquirer

I am naturally a very curious person and I question almost anything. This comes with my natural curiosity about the world around me. An example of when I am quite curious is during class when I ask questions and wonder what we talk about. In classes like English, I actively participate that I think of things in a different and creative way. My English teacher has said that my ideas are very outside the box and are a different way of looking at a concept or idea. My other piece of evidence was when I went to a science camp during the summer. I decided that I will be able to learn a lot from there and because of my interest in science, I asked a lot of questions and tried to get the most out of it. My natural curiosity helped push me to go to this camp because I was very interested in science and wanted to take my learning a step further. I went to science camp to learn a lot and I did end up learning a lot.

Evidence #1: Comment from teacher

Evidence #2: Science Camp Certification



IB Learner Profile Trait #4: Caring

IB Learner Profile Trait #4: Caring

I have been told by many people that I am very respectful to other people and their ideas and feelings. I am a very big carer of others, as I grow my parents have noticed that I care for others sometimes before myself. I believe that making a difference in the environment is very important, and that is evidence #1. During the summer, I did a beach cleanup with my sister back home in Canada. The environment is very important to me and I believe that cleaning it is very important. When there are people less fortunate than you, it is very important that you help them in any way possible to help make their lives better and make the individuals happier. Evidence #2 is an excellent example of how helping people is a passion of mine. After you help someone, the best part about that is seeing their faces when they see how you helped them, they just seem so much happier than before and it makes me much happier after seeing them smile. Evidence #2 is a picture of a house that I help build for a family in Cambodia, it was an experience that made me feel like I did something good for someone else, and genuinely made me feel very happy.

Evidence #1: Stopped buying plastic bottles


Evidence #2: House I helped build in Cambodia photo (2)


IB Learner Profile Trait #1: Principled

IB Learner Profile Trait #1: Principled

I believe I am a good example of the IB Learner Profile trait principled because I take responsibility of my own learning and I know that anything I do may have consequences that I have to deal with. Being principled means that I focus in class and I know when is the appropriate time to do things. These pieces of evidence show that my peers and teachers think that I work well at school and they know that I am taking responsibility of my learning. I’m honest in a classroom environment and I respect the rules and guidelines in the classroom and at school.


Evidence #1: Principled – Learner Profile Award (Pin)


Evidence #2:

CAS Week – Cambodia

This year I went to Cambodia during CAS week. It was one of the best choices I could have made because I learned so much and it was definitely a memorable trip. There were many significant things that happened but some of the best ones would be building the house for the family, teaching the kids, and doing the bottle building. I feel these are the most significant moments of the trip because when doing these things I had many moments of realisation and appreciation for my life. First I’ll start with building the house. This was such a special moment for me and I really enjoyed taking part in giving a family a safe home to live in. From the very start of the building to the very end, I enjoyed every bit of it. Even though it was quite tiring and we were working in the intense heat in Cambodia, I had a moment of self accomplishment because I truly felt happy after seeing what I did to help someone that is less fortunate. I feel that unless you do something like building a house for someone that has never known what it feels like to have a house, you will never realize how lucky you are and how fortunate you are to live the life you have. Teaching the kids was so special as well. I learned how to teach with different strategies, and I loved playing games and having fun with the kids. All of the kids there are so amazing and they are truly the happiest kids I have ever met. As soon as they walked into the classroom, they had the biggest smile on their face and I am so happy that even though they do not have much, they still find a reason to smile. This is definitely one of the things I will never forget about the trip. They are the sweetest kids I have ever met and I will never forget them. One thing that I also thought was really special was how when we would be driving along the streets or walking through the villages, everyone would say hello or wave or even smile. As soon as I saw this, I thought they were the nicest people ever, with such a friendly nature. I also realised the lengths they go to to get an education, some of the kids walk a long time in the heat every morning just to go to school. And I thought to myself that I should really appreciate the fact that I have a good education. Doing the bottle building definitely taught me that with a lot of people working hard to get something done, can go a long way. We accomplished so much and helped provide ladies with the opportunity of space to make amazing toys and bags with jeans. The important thing that I learned about this is that even if you are tired and sweaty and feel that you cannot do anymore work, you just need to push through because you would have contributed to something so much bigger in the community.

The most valuable outcome of this experience would be building the house. I felt that as a group we accomplished a lot and seeing the finished project with the smiles on the families face made me feel really happy and great about what I have done. Building the house was really important, because before, a family did not have a place to sleep with space and possibly a place to sleep that would keep them dry, but now I know that they have a nice safe place to sleep and it makes me really happy to know that. This was definitely the most valuable outcome because everything else we did was so valuable too, but this was the most valuable because I realised something about my life.

As soon as we were in the tuk tuk’s riding around and seeing everything there is to see about Cambodia, I realised how beautiful it is. The culture and the people were truly beautiful and they have a special way about them. I thought that it would be similar to countries like Thailand and Vietnam, but after visiting it, I realised that it super different than those countries. They are all very similar in their culture and people, but Cambodia had a different feeling and it was nice to see and understand their way of life. The people are what amazed me the most. The people are so friendly, especially the kids. When we were riding our bikes through the villages, I saw a lot of kids waving and saying hello to us. Even if they couldn’t speak a word of English, they still bothered to wave or smile which I thought was so friendly and welcoming.

In the future when I am thinking back on my experiences in my school days, I want to remember the people I’ve learned from and the things I accomplished on this trip. The people are so nice and friendly and I want to remember the fact that even with the little they have they are still happy and they smile. I want to remember how I built a house for a family, and I want to remember the smiles on their faces. These are just two things I chose to talk about, but I will try and remember all the memories I made. I hope that this was an experience that I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life.

In a Heartbeat – Crit C

When I was creating the final model, I followed a plan in the form of a gantt chart. When I was building and designing my final model I had to stick to the plan in order to finish everything on time. Although, the model was successful and I completed the model in time with my plan, I did have to make some changes to the plan and to the actual final model. At first I was just going to make the model similar to what my final prototype was but then along the way I made some changes. I decided that in order to meet my design specifications I had to create a model that was more transportable and easy to stand by itself. So in order to do this, I created a box around the design so that it can stand by itself on all four sides. I also wanted to make it more waterproof, so instead of using normal brown cardboard I decided to use a stronger and more durable cardboard. This benefited me because the stronger cardboard is water resistant and will help make my design a little more durable as a whole.

There were not too many changes to my plan, but I did not spend that much time during the holiday doing my process journal entries, but instead I did them before the break, and then I did one on the Monday that we got back. I actually only completed one during the break just because I did not have enough time to complete it. There was one major change in my plan which was that I completed my final design earlier than planned. I had put in my gantt chart that I would spend 5 days working on my design, but I did not need that much time. Instead I only spent about 2-3 days working and completing my final design. This was quite useful and beneficial because then I didn’t need to work on my design during the holiday.

Design Day Term 1

Today was term 1’s design day, and we did a number of things that include making a valve out of several materials. They key takeaways from today would be that it is important to try a bunch of ideas and different materials because there might be something that does what you want it to do, better. I believe that there is also a better way to do something or would do the job better. We never got our valve to actually work, it was quite close but it never actually worked. Water still came out of it when it wasn’t supposed to. But, the important thing is that we tried a several different materials and ways. If I could do it all again, I would try spend less time trying to work out the best way that something is going to work, and actually try to just put something together and test it out and see what worked and what didn’t. That way you can go back and make improvements to the idea and hopefully go and try it again and it would work.

Here is the drawing of our prototype:
design day term 1Writing: Plastic sheet wrapped into a cone, ping pong ball/ balloon filled with water and paper.

We thought that if we put water through the little opening in the cone and then turned it the other way around the ping pong ball would fall down and close the opening, not allowing any water to flow past it. But, we then realised that ping pong balls float and that it wasn’t working because it wasn’t fast enough. We then thought that we should make the ping pong ball heavier so we switched to a balloon and put paper and water in it, that worked a little better than the ping pong ball but never fully worked. We never got to any conclusion or any idea that actually did block all water from flowing through but we learned a lot about using different materials and working with what you have.

History Timeline

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In my opinion, I believe that one of the important historic events would be The Holocaust, when Hitler was in power. This event has had a big impact on many people and created some very historic backgrounds in many different countries. The Holocaust was a time where many jewish people were brutally murdered for being different. Hitler said that the Jews were ruining the “purity of Germany”, which lead him to set up concentration camps just so they could send all the jews there to kill them. This has impacted many people who are Jewish and may have had grandparents or great grandparents that may have died in the event. For some people, this is a tragic event that killed innocent people and will forever be one of the most violent parts of history.

Another event that is also quite important is Martin Luther King Jr. when he gave the speech “I have a dream”. This was a speech delivered in the 1960’s by an American Civil Rights activist that wanted to end racism in the United States. The speech inspired many people and is thought to be one of the biggest events in history involving ending racism and segregation.

Criteria D Grade

I believe that I deserve a  5/8, this is because I do practice at home and I always write in my practice diary. What I don’t do that much is participate during class, and that is what I need to work on for every class.  I should also be more positive in music class because I always believe I’m going to do bad in music but I should be more confident and positive and that might make me participate more.

End of Year Theory Test and Playing Reflection

Theory Test

Today, we got back our test and I didn’t do that well. When we were writing the test I was sure that I did well but now that I look back at it it doesn’t look like I did. I really worked for this test, I studied and I really tried to do well but the result wasn’t what I was expecting. This year I believed that I didn’t put the best effort into the work but I did try really hard getting closer to the end of the year. I really wish I tried more to understand the theory as it never made sense, but then I thought I did understand. I really wish the outcome was better of this test but it is in the past so I am just going to review but never forget what I learned this year. Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.29.34 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.29.51 AM

That is my test! I really hope that one day this will make sense to me because music is pretty interesting and fun!


Playing Test

I believe that I did pretty well in the playing test because the outcome was what I was expecting. I really worked hard for this playing test as I practiced for it a couple of weekends before the test. I was trying to get it to the best of my ability, and I think I did because I didn’t have high expectations. I really liked the song I played and that is one of the reasons why I practiced so much. I like playing the clarinet because it had a nice sound, so I didn’t mind doing the playing test.

Here are my results:


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.45.42 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.45.48 AM



Artwork – Looking at the work

During art we have done a lot of sketches and art pieces. I really like my masterpiece as I worked really hard on it and it turned out pretty well. 

Here it is:

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.42.43 AM

This is Tayl0r Swift painted in a Roy Lichtenstein style, I really liked the final result as it turned out a lot better than I thought. I chose to work with Lichtenstein’s style as it is creative and I found quite cool. I learned, through this process, that you should make sure you are in a good environment to work in and you have to be able to understand the style of your artist, because it is a lot easier if you understand it. Since I will not be continuing art next year, I will carry on doing art at home because I think it is really fun and I like to get creative. During this year I have learnt a lot and I will never forget it! 

End of Year French Reflection

This year in French, we have learned a lot about the things you need to know in your daily life. It was really interesting learning about these concepts as we can use the vocabulary when we go on holiday or when we visit a restaurant in French. We don’t have much of the school year left, and we don’t have much time to learn more French, but what we have learnt this year I think is enough. 

This past unit was about visiting a French country and trying to get around the city, asking for directions and ordering in French restaurants. This would really help a lot if you go on holiday to a French speaking country because you could get your way around the city. This was a unit that I find is important because it is helpful for later on and it is important to know and understand other languages. 

Our first unit, I think, was learning about school and the subjects and the stationary. This was more about a review as I learned most of it already last year. But it was good to review this vocabulary because it refreshed my memory right after the holiday. This year has definitely taught me a lot and it was really fun. I have learned so much and it has really helped me prepare for next year since I’m taking French again. I really can’t wait to see what I learn!


Celebration of My Digital Work

I really like my design for math as I find it is really unique and cool. I really like my design also because I took a while to find the best design possible and then eventually I did find a good design as my final design. Here is a photo of my final design:

I was kind of proud of this one as it turned out looking pretty good at the end with the actual materials. I think it is also one of my best digital works because we used sketch up and before this project I have never used sketch up before but now I know how to use it pretty well because of this project. I could teach someone how to get started on a project in sketch up and then they could carry on.

CAS – Experience Week

This year I had the best opportunity to go to Vietnam, it was so fun and cool meeting new people and experiencing new things for the first time. There was so much we did, like we learned how to control and ride on a sampan, built part of a house for the poor, learned how to make traditional hats, went fishing with our hands, and so much more! I met so many new people that I wouldn’t really talk to at school and now some of them are my close friends! We did so much that you wouldn’t be able to do in HK so it was really exciting. I met lots of local people to and they are so kind and generous. I made so many memories there and I really want to go back and visit now. I can’t wait for next years CAS week!

I think that one of the things that I really enjoyed, was building the house for the community. They have so little and it would mean so much to them if someone came to help. After the end of the process in which we were building the house, I felt really proud to have helped this Vietnamese community because I know that they don’t have much and if people come to help, they are always grateful after you leave. We did a lot of different things in the building process such as, digging holes, pouring cement, making cement, cleaning up, and piling bricks. This was such a great experience as you feel wonderful after and you are really happy that you got to help the community and help them reach their wish of having a nice home with their families. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this trip as it was the best and I had so much fun doing things that people wouldn’t normally do in Hong Kong. 

Exam Reflection

In this exam, I didn’t do so well as I think I should have prepared since the beginning of the year. I only started preparing a month before the exam but I think I should have prepared more in ahead of time. I should have reviewed everything a little more and really made sure I understood everything. During the exam, I answered every question I could and was feeling confident but now that I look at it I should have reviewed everything more carefully. If I had to give advice to someone, then I would have to say that if you’re not very good at the subject then start studying in the beginning of the year, but if you are ok at it then you should start studying content in that subject  a couple of months before the exam. If I had to tell you something not to do then you should not think you know it unless you are sure of it because even if you think you know it, you should still review it a lot so you know it for sure. Also, don’t take the mark too seriously because it is just a picture of what you did that day, but the important thing is just try harder next year.

What motivates me? Finding an academic passion

What motivates me is gymnastics because it makes me feel more confidence about myself, and I feel like I can do a lot and I am motivated to always get better, because I know that I am always doing my best. I know that if I always try and get back up after I don’t do so well then you can always learn from it and do better. And gymnastics taught me that sometimes failure is ok and that you should just carry on going, and so it motivates me in other parts of my life too. For example, when I don’t do so well in something I know that something good will come out of it. Every time something doesn’t go the way I wanted it to go, I would get really upset because I think that I’m not doing as well as I could have. But, I learned that if you don’t give up and you keep trying, then you can do that thing better next time.

After reading the essay that Kwasi Enin wrote, I think that the reason why he got in, is he showed a passion for music but he wants do something else in life. But the reason why he got accepted was because he knew he couldn’t do music but he said he won’t give up on it because it’t his passion. Instead, he chose to do something like medicine which he knows will help the community in a good way. The colleges saw in him that he loved music but he also wanted to help the world and he stayed passionate about that even though he can’t do it anymore as much as he did before.



Cleaning the Beach

Today I went to Shek O and cleaned up the beach. It was really fun and I really started to realize what was really the big problem with littering. I found a lot of garbage just left there, and it made me think about my actions and I thought to myself that I should really start taking action and recycle more. I didn’t like seeing all the rubbish but I felt proud after knowing that I helped save the environment. I learned that the community is not very aware of what their actions are doing to the environment. I think that we should definitely spread awareness because then the beaches in Hong Kong could be cleaner and nicer to have fun in. But I think that if more people start cleaning their own mess then eventually it will be neat forever.

Reflection on Theory Test December 2013

Our theory test that we just did, was challenging for me because I do not understand music as much as I should by now. I think that I really should study more and make sure that what I’m studying is good. Next time I will also have to study more because I believe that studying for 45 mins wasn’t enough for me because I really do struggle in music and understanding theory. I think that the next test I do, I will have to understand it A LOT because I did not feel confident during this test but next time I would like to feel confident when writing tests in music. I think if I had to sum my feelings and thoughts during this test is that I felt very scared and nervous because I didn’t understand a lot of the things on the test. But maybe I didn’t understand all the test but I understood a little bit of some questions but not enough to understand and know confidently how to answer it correctly.


After I got the test back I should have studied WAY more than I did, because I didn’t do as well as I should have and I should have tried a little more to actually understand everything really well.

PE Swimming Reflection

1) What did you find the most challenging part of the personal survival training and test?

For me, I found that treading water without any hands and then doing a turn. I found this difficult because you had to keep your head above the water and turn without putting your hands down. I found it really hard to do because I kept wanting to put my head under water but we weren’t supposed to.

2) Assuming you were challenged by one or more activities, what methods did you use do overcome the challenge? (you might simply say you used your will power when you were already exhausted)

I was challenged when we had to swim a bunch of laps in a row because I got pretty tired quickly and I couldn’t just stop. So what I did was I just used the energy I had left and carried on swimming. But then if I got too tired to swim then I would just switch my place in the order of the line and just take a breath for a bit.

3) Explain what you have learned about how to survive in the water in an emergency situation?

I have learned to grab onto a piece of wood if there was a ship wreck or something. I learned about the HELP (Heat Escape Lessening Position) position and how to stay safe using that in the water. That also helps to keep energy in your body so there is enough saved energy to help you float longer and tread longer in the water.  I also learned how to jump into the water properly to save someone, without getting your head wet.

4) How would your overall fitness level affect your chances of survival in a water emergency?

I am pretty fit and have enough muscle in my legs to tread water if I really had to for a long time. I also think that I know enough about how being fit would be really important in an emergency situation in the water, I also know how to swim pretty well.

The HELP position:

The iBook Project – Design Day

Today we started our new design cycle, which is about science and Tuberculosis. Our whole plan in this design cycle is to learn about this disease and write an iBook about the disease and how we can prevent and spread awareness. Something I learnt in the Waste Not, Want Not design cycle in the beginning of the year is that if you get everything done quickly the everything is not stressful and you don’t have to worry about it later. I also learnt that if you follow the design steps then everything will be a lot quicker and easier to understand. One of my personal strengths is that I like to get things done as soon as possible and I also follow steps pretty well so then I don’t end up having many questions and I understand things well. This definitely helped me through the Waste Not, Want Not design project. Something that I had some trouble with during the other design project is that sometimes something didn’t work and it frustrated me, but I get really frustrated quickly and so during the other design project I just had to make sure that everything worked and if it didn’t I would get some help. But now I know that if something that makes me confused happens then I should just ask someone about it.

Reflection for Greatest Song Ever

During the process of Greatest Song Ever in finale I had to learn a lot to do some of the notes needed to make the song. I thought that making the song in finale was pretty fun because it was fun making the song and I think it would be cool to even create our own song. I had to go through the challenges like not knowing what had to happen and how to make some things happen like the notes. I haven’t used finale in a while so I had to refresh my memory but it was fun learning! 

Scarborough Fair reflection

When I recorded I found it didn’t sound good the first few times so I had to try a couple of times before it sounded good. The flow of the song is not that good because some notes I didn’t play right so I had to take a while to get into those notes. The timing wasn’t that good either because it doesn’t really sound like the song should, but I had to get it as close as I could! The notes that were played sounded good to me and I tried hard to not squeak or anything but after a while I got it. I think I could have done a better job in this because some notes I found hard to play but I think if I just practice a lot then eventually I will get them. The connection of the notes was ok but not the best but I tried my best to make it flow together.

Design Criteria B Reflection

In criteria B, we have started to actually develop ideas! Which has been a lot of fun because I can start to look at packages that I could possibly take certain stuff from. In this criteria we made some sketch-up mock ups, to start understanding how to use sketch-up and later we had to decide from 2-3 packages which one was better, based on feedback from peers and from myself. I think that this was a fun stage in this design project because we could actually start thinking about what we are going to use as our package and that was really exciting. I chose this one:


I found that this one was going to be better for the environment and it was going to be more fun using this as my package.

Design Criteria A Reflection

For our design project we are designing a package for an object from school. Mine was a stapler and this stapler will have to be packaged into a package that fits certain requirements. So far my investigation into good packages and starting my design project has been good and I have been able to analyze a package and describe what is good and bad about it because this is good in this kind of project. Because if you are learning to give feedback then later on when I start to design my package I will be able to judge its good and bad qualities. I have started on my design journal where I will keep all my progress in this project and that journal will reflect on my journey through this packaging project. I can’t wait to start planning!

Theory Test Reflection

On this test/quiz I did expect the mark I got because even though I studied I still didn’t understand a lot of things but by then it was too late to ask for help. Next time I will get some help with the theory and make sure I understand EVERYTHING before I walk into a test. I will make sure that I get a better mark next time and know what I need to know.

Instrument Care reflection

What went well?

There was a lot that went well, like there was a lot of co operation in our group. We never did any fighting between us and we all tried give in a little bit of information. We also had a lot of information and all the explanations were very detailed and explained.

How did you interact with your group? Was there an equal division of work?

We all interacted with the group very well as there was a lot of group co operation and we all worked together to at least do a little of the work. I wouldn’t say that there was an equal division of work because there were some people in the group that did more work than others.

What aspects of your presentation would you improve if you had to do this again?

I think that if we had to do this again I would probably fix the environmental impacts because I honestly think that now if I look back at it there were things that we could have taken out and put in. Such as not needed and obvious information, for example we said that trees were being cut down and the factories used to make a clarinet releases toxic chemicals into the environment and the air. I think maybe we could have put some pictures or some videos of how this is true. Maybe even put a little more information because it was very broad. I would also say that all of us should have had equal amount of things to say, as some of our group members said more than others.

Is your poster clear with detailed specific instructions?

Yes it is because there was a lot of detailed explanations and a lot of clear work. Even though there was a lot of detail, we didn’t write too many words that it would become confusing and weird to the reader. There was a lot of explanations that clearly state how to take care of your instrument and how to put it apart and put it back together.

Is your poster appropriate for the assignment and reflect the required amount of work?

I think that the poster did stay on topic and it did reflect what was needed because it was clearly stating everything from how to care from how to put it together. It also showed everything you needed to know if you were a beginner.

Does our understanding of chemistry carry a responsibility?

Our understanding of chemistry is really important because it makes us think about what is actually going on around the world. If we understand more, then that means that we can do more about it, and we can change the world in ways we don’t even realize. We are now more cautious about everything around us and we can’t not be cautious about everything because of our understanding of the science behind all the problems in the world. After knowing this about chemistry I realize that there is so much that happens to us when we know this information because we now think about what the meaning is of what this all means and what this will actually do. 

Today we watched a video about the Fukushima radiation problem and this changed what I thought about this before. One thing that I thought would really affect this world was that in 6 years, the whole pacific ocean could be contaminated with radioactive water. This is such a big problem but people don’t even realize. They read and learn about it and they go on with life, but what I’ve learnt is that if we just all sit around and go on with our lives for the rest of our lives, then this world will never change and continue to have all these problems that could possibly one day be erased.

Now that we all know more about these kind of problems, we realize that we are doing so much more to cause this than we thought. We might think ” Oh this is not my problem because this is a world wide issue and this only happened in Japan” but we caused some of this too. The pacific ocean is not Japans, it is the worlds and this means that one day the world will realize that this isn’t just one countries’ problem, it is a lot more than that.  

Our responsibility is that we have to make sure that everything we do, will not do anything harmful to the world, or at least we have to try. 

This image shows that this problem caused a lot of individual problems, that will forever harm the world. This shows the radiation travelling in the pacific ocean. 

Reflection on Instrument care Presentation and Poster

What went well?

There was a lot that went well, like there was a lot of co operation in our group. We never did any fighting between us and we all tried give in a little bit of information. We also had a lot of information and all the explanations were very detailed and explained.

How did you interact with your group? Was there an equal division of work?

We all interacted with the group very well as there was a lot of group co operation and we all worked together to at least do a little of the work. I wouldn’t say that there was an equal division of work because there were some people in the group that did more work than others.

What aspects of your presentation would you improve if you had to do this again?

I think that if we had to do this again I would probably fix the environmental impacts because I honestly think that now if I look back at it there were things that we could have taken out and put in. Such as not needed and obvious information, for example we said that trees were being cut down and the factories used to make a clarinet releases toxic chemicals into the environment and the air. I think maybe we could have put some pictures or some videos of how this is true. Maybe even put a little more information because it was very broad. I would also say that all of us should have had equal amount of things to say, as some of our group members said more than others.

Is your poster clear with detailed specific instructions?

Yes it is because there was a lot of detailed explanations and a lot of clear work. Even though there was a lot of detail, we didn’t write too many words that it would become confusing and weird to the reader. There was a lot of explanations that clearly state how to take care of your instrument and how to put it apart and put it back together.

Is your poster appropriate for the assignment and reflect the required amount of work?

I think that the poster did stay on topic and it did reflect what was needed because it was clearly stating everything from how to care from how to put it together. It also showed everything you needed to know if you were a beginner.

Melodrama Performance

At the end of our Melodrama unit we had to do a performance and it was really fun! I learned so much being in front of an audience, I learned that if you engage with the audience, the audience will enjoy the show more. I also learned that if you just stay in character, you can’t make many mistakes. My thoughts on this unit is that it was fun but sometimes I found it hard to play a character so different from myself. My thoughts on my performance are that I think that I did pretty well because I projected my voice and I was believable. If I were to do this next time I would engage with the audience more and stay closer to the audience because I was very far away from the audience and kept moving back. 

Waste Not, Want Not l

Today we did some deconstruction and construction with some boxes and some paper. First we had to deconstruct a box and talk about it with the group later. Some things we talked about were if the box was attractive, reusable, and secure. Then we made our own designs to either hold an apple or a banana inside of it, my group made one with an apple inside of it. It was really attractive because it looks like it came from McDonalds.  With the grade, we talked about if our creations are those criteria. 




Community and Service – Whats happening next?

In school I have done 2 things, I have helped usher for a play and I have entertained in the family fun fair. I ushered for 2 nights and they were helping people get to their seats, helping them with and problems, and any concerns, I also had to give them papers about the play. That all helped them enjoy the play. I also have entertained in the family fun fair by DJ’ing outside and helping everyone having a good time.

Outside of school I have cleaned a beach. That is all I have done so far outside of school but I am working on trying to find a place where I could tutor someone and that could help their education. I am going to talk to a teacher and see if I can find any place that could do that, and if I can’t then I will just find a place myself.

This year I also plan to do another thing outside the school because helping the outside community is so important because after they will be very grateful for your help and you will feel great after. I will also go and see if anything could be done inside the school, because every year you need to have 1 inside and 1 outside of school community service.

Grade 8-Math Assessment on Doubling an Investment

What makes me a smart investor?

It makes you a smart investor when you look carefully at how long it would take to double your money and look carefully at the interest rate. So many people will not look carefully at this and would be throwing their money out the window.

What is so important about rate?

The important thing about rate is that even a small increase or decrease can effect the money and amount of years it takes to double it.


Article for Millenium Goals

This article is about how Nigeria is trying to improve education for out of school children. They are trying to reach one of the Millenium goals in Nigeria. There is also a campagne that is called “All children, One Goal” and that compagne basically helps all the children in Nigeria get basic education from any kind of school. It also helps the children and families that are poor and don’t get an education, it just gives them some support towards your family and basic needs. One really good thing about this is that the person that is in charge of the campagne said that it is important that at the end no child is left out of school which is really significant because then everyone is fair and no one can be getting less needs than anyone else. Also, it would be quicker if other organizations and people helped reach this goal because then it would be very successful. This article is related to the Education for all Millenium goal.

I wonder if any other countries are trying to do this too? Are other countries aware of how it happened in Nigeria? How long did it take to achieve this goal? I really think that it’s good that at least one country has tried to achieve a goal because then it will encourage other countries to do the same. This is my article! 

Reflection for the Fraction and Decimal Unit

This last math unit was about fractions and decimals, and it was really stressful for me. On the scale I was around number 4 because I wasn’t understanding a lot of it and I was scared I wasn’t doing so well during class and for the homework. I thought this unit was challenging because there were many things I didn’t understand and I got really frustrated. I also thought it was challenging learning the things that I didn’t know before. What I thought was kind of easy, was what I already learned from my extra math class. The things that I learnt in the extra math class were things like equations with fractions and some word problems. The assessment that we did, which was like the test for the unit, was reflecting only a little about how I work during class and the effort I put in. Because I put a lot of effort to try to understand things during class and when I didn’t, I made sure that I figured out a way to understand so that I wouldn’t fail the test. I liked the activity when we had to use models to demonstrate the equation, because I thought those were fun and easy. 

The Other Side of Truth-A novel

       In English, we read a book called The Other Side of Truth. It was a very interesting book about refugees and this family being forced to leave their country because of their dad. It was a really good book and I enjoyed the wording used in it and the similes and metaphors were very detailed and pulled me in to want to read more. We had to make a presentation about the refugees in Canada after that, and we worked in partners for that. I learnt that refugees have to get asylum to go to a new country and that helped me with my presentation because then I could explain what kind of things/activities refugees have to go through. I learned to use Prezi during this project and I believe that was a useful skill to know and that is why my group chose Prezi. I will probably have to use it later on and to know the basic skills will be helpful for later. I didn’t like the part of this project when we had to kind of restart, because I was getting really stressed out about how I thought that we weren’t going to get it done on time. 

      I worked on almost the whole Prezi, almost the whole script, and about half of the research. I was doing so much work because the work wasn’t getting done on time (the little goals that I set myself for this project) and it needed to be done by tomorrow. I will still have to finish some work tonight, but that’s ok because we are nearly done with the whole project! 

Here is a picture of the book we read:

Community and Service-TAP

During TAP class in the beginning of the year we talked about doing community and service, one inside school and one outside school. I have done 2 things in school but none outside of school yet. The first one was that since I was in the DJ club, I DJ’d during the Family Fun Fair, and the other thing is that I ushered for Romeo and Juliet. I still need to find something to do outside of school. I have some ideas but still need to take action and do them. For Romeo and Juliet ushering, I ushered for 2 nights and go to watch for one night, and I DJ’d for 1 hour and a half. I think that for the outside of school community and service, I will clean a beach or help in a fundraising or something like helping an organization that comes through school. Which means something like teachers suggest places for outside school action, so I will probably do something that a teacher suggests if I can’t find anything else.

Author’s Choice Task

For this task in English we had to make a story from a real life experience, and later make a presentation about a devices we used or talk about the setting, or how you developed the characters. I learnt many things in this activity, like how to make a story using devices and feel what it’s like to be an author of  a story. It’s really cool that we got to write our own story and use similes and metaphors because they are really cool to use to show the power of something or how bad or good something is. If I could do the presentation again I would definitely put quotes into my presentation because I got one at the end when Ms. Kirchner asked me to find one. I should definitely next time put more quotes and explain them. I would also explain a little bit more on how I crafted one character and maybe not all of the characters, because then I could focus on one and describe their actions and their dialogue. 

I think that overall the process of making the story was really fun because we got to make anything up because there would be no wrong answer in the story because you are the author. I also like all the feedback because it was so helpful and helped my story to improve a lot, and it made a big impact on how the reader pictured the scene in their mind.

Patterns-Math Unit

I liked that we did lots of questions that involved real life problems and how we learned the easier way to do them, and I enjoyed the dinner table problem. I also like input and output tables because they are so fun to figure out the rule for, and I challenged myself a lot . I learned how to do input and output tables better and I enjoyed it because it was really fun and interesting to learn about how to do the output if the input is x. I’m still not that sure about how to do some word problems, I still have a little bit of trouble doing that because I sometimes don’t understand the question. I also don’t always understand how to do some number sequence rules, because some of them on the test I couldn’t figure out because they were difficult for me, and I tried a lot of different rules but when I knew what the rule is, I realized that I tried half of that rule but didn’t add the other half! Patterns can help us in life because for example the dinner problem can help us find out something like how many people can sit with a certain amount of tables. Or the handshake problem can help us find out how many handshakes will you get from each person shaking every other persons hand once or twice.

This is a picture of the Dinner table problem:

New Species Discovered

   I have discovered a new species. It’s name is the Green Feathered Oak, and its scientific name is the Quercus Greenus. I have worked on the model of this bird for a week, and have been planning before that for about half a week. I didn’t work too much at home though only because I didn’t want to bring my bird model home because I was scared it would break. I didn’t think that what I did at home was sufficient because I didn’t have my model with me so I couldn’t do so much. I worked on the wings and the feet but ended up not even using them because they didn’t look right on the bird.

   I worked very effectively during class because I made little plans in my head, like doing the painting one day then doing something else another day, and I tried to stay very organized. Overall, I looked at my bird and what I handed in and I thought that I did manage my time well for this project, except for one of the nights before the project was due, I was very stressed out about it. I thought that I wouldn’t finish it on time, but I did!

    I would probably work more on the environment and I would’ve made the tree in my environment (box) bigger so that I could have put the nest into the tree, because that is how it should go. Instead it was on the ground because the tree wasn’t big enough. I would also put a little more feathers on the bird, and make the wings more visible. The strengths of my bird are that they are very strong and they are very light. They also have very light nests so they can carry it quickly with their family. They also have lots of feathers which help them to camouflage into the trees. Their weaknesses is that they have many predators trying to eat them and their eggs. I would assess myself a 5 for Criterion C, because I listed and explained the reasons for the behavioral and structural adaptions. I have related the adaptations to the environment. 

Shi Huang Di Unit

          During the Shi Huang Di unit, I learned a lot about him and his ideas. I learned about his positive and negative achievements, and many things that he did to unify and standardize China. I now know a lot about China and how it has changed over the years. I also learnt many things from doing the poster presentation because each group had a different question to answer and so I learned a lot listening to that. 

        I learnt a lot of skills during this unit. Like how to use C.R.A.P principles in your posters, and how to research with noodletools so that you can make conclusions from your research without copying exactly what it says. I also learnt about how to take notes when listening to other groups present, also something very important I learned about was sentence fluency and making an outline for an essay so that it can be organized and easy to read. When you use sentence fluency you have to make your sentences less choppy and make sure that if people read them out loud it makes sense and they don’t stumble when they read it. When you use an outline, it is easier to write an essay because you are organized with what you write for each paragraph. I think that since I learnt about sentence fluency and using an outline, I have been better at writing more organized and detailed paragraphs.

       A picture of the poster that my group and I made:

     My groups poster is the one in the middle. We learned a lot about contrast because we used many different colours that suited each other. We also learned about alignment because we tried to make things look nice and organized, but some parts didn’t look very aligned. 


Environments-Our new science unit

If there is no more environments then people can’t live. But the Hong Kong Government doesn’t believe that having the environment is more important than having disney land and ocean park.Environmentalists have been trying to argue against the government to try to stop the people from expanding these two amusement parks because of how they aren’t getting any money. They want to expand their land to make more money and make sure that more tourists come. Trees and water can’t talk, so we have to talk for them. We have to use our voices to do exactly what the environmentalists are trying to do, tell the government to stop building stuff on top of animals habitats.

The government is going to listen to businessmen because they are what make the money, are they going to listen to the scientists that try to protect the environment. No, they won’t because they want money. People should speak for animals and the nature around us because we have to save the nature. The world wouldn’t be the same if there was no nature because we can’t breathe without the trees and plants around us. We need them and if someone is going to destroy them then they are basically going to destroy themselves because of how we are linked to the world so much.

In science today we talked about our new unit, environments. We have to speak for more things than just ourselves. “We have to speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” -The Lorax, Dr. Seuss

Math Stations

In the math stations we did lots of different stations like: Adding and Subtracting integers, playing games called Zero, Connect 3, and Beat the clock. My favourite station was the game Zero. It was really fun because the pictures on the cards are funny, they were pictures of teachers at my school. I think that this really helped me be independent because of how we worked alone but together. Next time, I would really like to make the stations groups smaller but I think if they are smaller then you could play more games together and you could make the activities harder so you could work together. I didn’t like this packet we got though, because it was really long. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy. It was just right. 🙂


In Grade 7, we have been learning about the Area’s of Interaction. They are Human Ingenuity, Health and Social Education, Community and Service, Approaches to Learning and Environments. I’m going to explain how the earthquake in China can be related to Environments as one of the AOI’s. Well, since the earthquake happened lots of trees and plants probably got destroyed, one thing that we can help is we can start planting more trees and being careful with what we destroy. You could also look at plants that make vegetables and plant those especially because then people have more healthy things to eat. To help the destruction of the city, people could go around helping clean up all the broken houses and broken buildings and help make things nicer.


This Week In Review

Hey Guys,


This week was pretty much AWESOME-ish! We have been doing poetry, math, and our summative assessment. The Math was a lot of word problems. The Summative Assessment was the filming of our skit and editing it. It was a lot of fun this week and today was our teachers birthday so we celebrated it for her birthday we all went into our classroom before she did and one of our classmates brought cake to school for the birthday and when she was half way in the classroom we all shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and she was really surprised and she was really happy! And that’s about it!





C A M P Wanna Know About It?

On Friday we got back from camp it was really cool! It was our first camp going to somewhere besides Hong Kong. Guess where we went….. China. We did so many things I can give you a list:

-Chinese Painting

-Ink Pots (which I will explain later)

-Amazing Race (which I will also explain later)

-Fire Setting



-Went to markets to learn about how they are different from Hong Kong’s markets

-Catapult Building

-Canyon Hike

-Team Building

-Dragonfly Challenge



They were all so fun but I think that if I had to pick my favourite activity then it would be the Canyon Hike, Dragonfly Challenge, and the Campfire.

The Chinese painting was really fun and interesting because you only use black paint to do chinese painting. Our chinese painting that we learned how to do was a picture of an island with some fishing things and a boat and there was also another island with houses and lots of trees.

The Ink Pot was sort of related to the Chinese Painting because an ink pot is the object that you put the black paint on. So we learnt how to make those and we also got to be able to carve on it.

The Amazing Race was SUPER fun. We did the whole race in one of Zhao Qing’s parks. We got split up into groups and we got a Map of the park, a piece of paper with the pictures of statues and bridges that we had to find. So when we were in our groups we walked around looking for the things on the piece of paper. We had to look for other people (locals) that would answer our questions like where to find one of the pictures.

We learnt how to make a fire and what to put in the fire and what not to put. The things that were good to put in a fire are:

-A little bit of dried grass

-small twigs

-medium sized twigs

-big twgs

-crushed leaves

At the end of making the fire we had banana boats. Banana boats are bananas cut in the middle and then chocolate in the middle but we got to cook that in our own fire.

The campfire was the activity that happened in day 3 but it was AWESOME.