My Goals for Grade 6:

Do more independent research

I have achieved my goal! Before each unit, I will read the newsletter and see what it is about. I did two newsflashes throughout the year, but I had three as a goal, everyone else in 6E did two. The second newsflash I did caught a lot of people’s attentions and everyone was really interested in it. It was about dead birds and fishes everywhere. Everyone had a lot of interesting answers when I asked the discussions questions. I read a lot of new books, actually, different genres by different authors. That helped me get more ideas, I participated in more discussions in class now, and I won’t just sit there. For the Macau trip, I wrote down 1 or 2 questions for each attraction, and I tried my best to find an answer.

Improve oral communication in French

I kinda achieved my goal. Before, I don’t really bring my books home and review for tests, but now whenever there is a new book, I’ll try to always bring it home and review, and clarify the words I don’t understand. I will use the translator and say it out. Oral communication is harder than written stuff. You need to have the pronunciation, grammar and word right in order to speak correctly, so that the other people can understand. There are French presentations throughout the year, I prepare for them, but I’m not really sure that my grammar is correct, mostly I get M’s, but sometimes, Miss. Lum says that I didn’t say the sentences smoothly, and that there were stops. The good thing about me is that I speak loud and clearly!

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