What is art for?

by Jasmine on February 23, 2016

Many people have the first instinct of the only purpose of art is to display aesthetics, because it gives the eye pleasure by looking at the artwork with aspects like bright colours and interesting shapes. However, there are many more purposes that art takes on, other than the more obvious reasons such as allowing the artist to convey a personal message or for them to express emotions. I think one of the more interesting purposes of art is for it to give an opportunity to escape from reality. When artists create an artwork, a lot of thought is put into crafting it all together, when the artist is in that train of thought, they often forget about everything else – often forgetting about their stress, depression, worries… etc. Since their mind is focused on creating art, it gives them a chance to escape from reality, which is why art therapy is something really popular to help people clear their minds. Something really popular right now are colouring books – for adults. I see them in every book store and people everywhere are talking about it. The reason why so many adults are buying these colouring books is because it helps relieve stress and anxiety – colouring can be a cathartic escape from everyday stressors.


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