Music Crit D Reflection

by Jasmine on May 22, 2014

Throughout music class this year, I think that I deserve a 6-7/8 for criterion D: personal engagement because:

– I try my best to participate and contribute as much as possible during class. Whenever a question is asked during class, I try to give a good answer to it without interrupting class too much

– Throughout the year, I only missed one concert band practice, I try my best to show up to practice since each band member is extremely significant to the band, I try not to miss out rehearsals

– I have been constantly practicing my flute throughout the year, and writing in my practice diary to show progress. This allows me to keep track of how much I practice and to see progress

– When my classmates need help in either theory or playing notes on the flute, I try my best to help them if I already know how to do so. This encourages them to complete their own work

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