Theory Test Reflection

by Jasmine on May 21, 2014

I feel that I did a good job on this test, compared to the last test. I had less amounts of careless mistakes this time, which is a good improvement. The majority of the mistakes I made was from the “Intervals” section, this was the particular part that challenged me in the last test as well. I think I made the constant mistake because this is the most challenging part of the whole test. However I didn’t really take action and practice this section more, I think that is the reason why I made the same mistakes as last time. If I had another theory test to do, I would definitely re-visit all the intervals work sheets to ensure a better understanding on that part. (4 mistakes)

The other 2 mistakes I had was: (1) circling the leading tone instead of the sub-tonic. This wasn’t a careless mistake since I thought that the two were located at the same place except the sub-tonic is for a melodic minor scale. (2) is circling a neighbouring tone instead of a passing tone. I got the chords confused that’s why I made the mistake, however it wasn’t really careless.

Overall I think that I improved throughout the year, being much more familiar with music theory and it would be extremely useful since I am taking music next year as well!

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