Finale Update #2

by Jasmine on January 22, 2014

After the second class of working on my personal composition, I finally finished importing all the notes and chords in Finale, here is a screenshot:

There is a really strange spacing in between the bars, I tried to fix it but it didn’t work, I’ll try my best to get it figured out after next class so that it will look more visually appealing. Well, as I said before in my last reflection, I thought that the melody didn’t sound good at all, and since I finished importing the notes now, I am allowed to make changes to it. I am going to edit notes and especially the ones that clash – hopefully by the end of next class, I can have a simple melody I am satisfied with.

The program we are using – Finale Notepad is such an easy application to use, I was able to complete the process really quickly and listen to what I created. I am already pretty familiar with the application however I will explore it more and discover more cool options to the application.

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