CAS: Reflect on your Reflection

CAS: Reflect on your Reflection

Describe a profound experience and/or one that extended over several weeks.

One profound experience that I have experienced this year would be doing the remembrance day service reef placing ceremony for the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau when he visited briefly. The ceremony was in commemoration of the fallen Canadian soldiers in Hong Kong during World War 2. It was conducted by the Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and I participated by representing the First Hong Kong Canadian Scout Troop Venturer division. At the ceremony was able to meet many veterans and generations of people whose parents or grandparents fought during the war and hear their recounts and memories.

Give an example of when you reflected on any aspect of the experience. How did you change as a result of your reflection?

As a part of this service work, I reflected on the aspects of the experience that meant a lot and is sure to have a lasting imprint on my memory. As a result of this experience, I have definitely changed and learned to appreciate the environment and individuals I am living with more so than ever. Although prior to the experience I had a strong sense of the damage that can be done through war it wasn’t until after experiencing the solemn mood of proceedings that I really understand how important it is for peace. Moreover, not only did the experience recognize the sacrifices of the soldiers in the past but it also celebrated the strength of the community and support everyone had for one another. It changed how I perceive the word “community” and “strength” and was truly an eye opening experience that I was able to experience through this service opportunity.

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