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Aside from academics, it is essential to ensure that there is a balance between all aspects of student life. I have always taken it to the utmost priority that I am constantly involved in numerous activities that allow me to live a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. These activities range from sports to service work, to activities that I enjoy and foster my skills and love for learning. Enabling me to develop into the individual that I would like to be


Habitat for Humanity CDNIS club president

For this year (2016-2017) I will be the president of the Habitat for Humanity club at our school. As the president, I’m in charge of directing the major advocacy and promotional events in the school. As well as making decisions in terms of build trip details (local and international) alongside other executive members and the teacher supervisors. By taking this role I will be able to engage in a global issue I feel passionately about, the universal access to safe and adequate housing. This is important to me as I firmly believe that in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty one must be in the living environment that permits this. Having been a member and then a general member of the club it had also been the ultimate goal for being to be in this position and I constantly work to ensure that I am applying my strengths to help the club develop and grow in the school community so that it further implicates those beyond our immediate society.

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Habitat for Humanity Exec Member

Prior to being the president, I have been the advocacy officer for the Habitat for Humanity Club. As the advocacy officer, I assisted in ensuring that the important of shelter and the extent to which this human right is not attained globally is made clear to the school community. I believe that taking on this role not only shows my passion for service but allows be to bring my personal skills to the enable in a way in which I am able to create positive change. An aspect that I believe should always be considered regardless of what action we take as individuals as we all have the power to promote change and create a domino effect to those around us. An example would be the Fish your Key and Jenga advocacy collaboration event we coordinated with UNICEF. Another would be the Paint your glove event we held at the school to educate the lower school community of the importance of access to housing and create a platform in which they can reflect on their own lifestyle choices and help those who are in need.

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Habitat for humanity HK youth leadership council

As a member of the Habitat for Humanity HK Youth leadership council, I work with other Habitat for Humanity leaders from across Hong Kong, ranging from other high schools, university students, to executive members of the Hong Kong HFH division and staff. Together we exemplify service by brainstorming ideas on how we can directly benefit the local Hong Kong community and tackle the issue of cage housing and other forms of under satisfactory housing situations in our city, where the disparity is more prevalent than ever. It allows me to not only influence a larger community and create direct change but also to foster my teamwork skills and broaden my understanding on issues I feel passionately about with professionals in the field. The Letter Project

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Founding The Letter Project

For my grade 10 personal project, I founded a charity called The Letter Project and have been continuing it ever since. The Letter Project is an idea that I’ve had for as long as I could remember. Having the opportunity for me to carry out this dream has been one miracle after another and I could not be happier regarding how successful it has been. Education is a keystone goal in ensuring that together we strive towards the world where all individuals have an equal opportunity at life and are given the chances to achieve their goals. Education means illiteracy rates will drop, it means better children grow up with better job opportunities that stray from an unreliable agriculture-based industry. It means young girls will be protected and safe from sexual abuse, and safe from HIV/AIDS. It means sanitation and healthcare will improve as more will be able to afford such basic human rights. A woman will have a higher status in communities, child mortality rates will drop with greater awareness and natal/postnatal services becoming accessible. Since I’ve learnt about this issue in Geography class, I’ve been wanting to take my knowledge out of the classroom and create a positive change to those affect. 

Through this charity, I have been able to provide learning resources such as stationary kits as well as activewear clothing to 3 major primary schools in the rural Philippines benefiting over 500 children.


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Canadian Remembrance Day Service

Ever since the 4th grade I have been involved in the Canadian Remembrance Day Ceremonies as Sai Wan War cemetery. Most recently this has been in the form of assisting in the poppy placement and reef handing out/placement of the ceremonial procedures. Through such activities, I am able to pay my respect to the fallen soldiers and allow others that attend the ceremony to do so as well. This year I have been fortunate enough to assist the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in conducting his ceremonial tribute. This is something I am extremely passionate about and grateful to be invited to help with every year.

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Habitat for Humanity Thailand Build Trip and Project Homeworks

As an aspect of being in Habitat for Humanity, I have the opportunity to be involved in numerous local and international build trips over the course of the year. These include a trip to Thailand and multiple local trips to less developed areas of Hong Kong that experience high disparity. These trips allow me to conduct service and make a positive impact on my local and global community. In addition, I get to learn a lot on the trips such as teamwork skills and leadership skills. Being able to plan the trips and communicate with participants.

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RESPECT Refugee tutoring

Whenever possible, I am involved with the RESPECT refugee tutoring club at our school. This involves going to the refugee centre on Saturdays to help tutor the younger children there. I absolutely love this service experience as it gives the opportunity to interact with younger children and help them with learning and reading. This not only has long-term positive benefits for the children but also is an important skill development area for me. As I desire to be a medical practitioner in the future and am looking possibly in specialising in paediatrics this service work helps me develop those important skills required to be successful.Global issues network executive member

Global issues network executive member

This year, I have also been involved in the global issues network as a component of being a club president. By being in the club I help generate ideas for global issue advocation within the school community. This includes suggesting ideas for growth and suggesting new ideas be discussed upon. In addition, I participated in the GIN workshop that took place at the beginning of the year. This was a fantastic opportunity to listen to keynote speakers from established charities such as Hand On Hong Kong, as well as work with other clubs to collaborate on new ideas.Elderly center

TWGHs Hospital and Elderly Centre Volunteer

Another service work activity that I participate in and feel passionately about is the Tung Wah Group of Hospital volunteer program. I engage in service work with my community by going to elderly centres to work with the disabled individual in administrative and physical work. This service opportunity is something especially dear to me as I’m able to strengthen skills that I would need in the future when I apply to medical school. It allows me to have face to face conversations with patients. being able to see the positive impact I can bring to their lives always puts a smile on my face. Especially as many of the elderly I work with are left at elderly centres without any family members visiting.


U20 SEASAC Basketball

This year I have also been involved in SEASAC basketball which demonstrates action. I have always enjoyed basketball and have been in the team since being involved in the U12 team many years ago. By being involved in the SEASAC team, however, is a greatly different experience that really allows me to work on skill development when surrounded by individuals who all have areas they are especially strong in. This positive environment allows me to build on my team work skills and push myself to develop. It has taught me that despite my success last year as the MVP of the U16 team, this does not always translate if you don’t continue to work hard. And thus, action has become an even greater part of my school life, dedicating many hours a week for training. Going to Singapore for SEASAC was an eye-opening experience which allowed me to not only work on my health and become much stronger but meet many new friends as well. A major aspect of sports.

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U16 Volleyball Team and Volleyball Tournament 

Another way I have demonstrated action this year is being involved in the U16 volleyball team at school, as well as participating in out of school volleyball training. Volleyball is a sport that I enjoy and this year we were able to take a trip to Vietnam to participate in a tournament which we were able to win. Taking home the Vietnam cup. Volleyball is a way for me to achieve balance in my life as well as ensure that apart from my academics I am also taking good care of my health.


Figure Skating (International Skating Institute of Asia)

I started skating at the age of 4 and continue to do so on a weekly basis. Competing in ISIA tournaments skating gives me a space to do something that I absolutely love and is very different from the other team sports that I participate in. It works many other parts of my body is allows me to unwind and really push myself to new limits. I always find skating a refreshing experience and it really is something I have felt passionate about for 13 years now. Learning new spins and jumps and bracing myself in a middle of a competitive routine to do it, knowing it could go very well and disastrously and knowing how to pick myself up and keep going when I fall is something I have learnt from competitive figure skating.

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Habitat x Athletics Council Hoops for Habitat

This year, my executive team and I at HFH worked closely with the Athletic Council to execute an idea that we dreamt of in a meeting. This included the entire planning, preparing, hosting, and logistical procedures. Having to run such a major event that involved over 60 participants and 20 volunteers were most definitely the largest event I have had to run in the past. Through this experience, I was able to learn a lot about the small details you have to pay attention to from making sure there’s enough food for everyone, to ensuring the music during the 3v3 basketball events were appropriate and suited the event. I had to work with many individuals to ensure the event ran smoothly. Both the lunch time advocacy and after a school hours long event. I learnt a lot of new skills such as how to create pools, how to order shirts, and making sure everyone in a team works well together to avoid mishaps. In addition to all this, we were able to gain numerous donations that were used to fund Habitat for Humanity build trips.



SEASAC Model United Nations

I have been a member of the model united nations club at our school since grade 9 and continue to be an active member of the club. Participating in many of the conferences both within our school as well as overseas. At a recent Taiwan model united nations conference I was able to use what I have learnt from the club in my school to win the best delegate in a committee focused on battling and forming resolutions on environmental issues and regulations, particularity on the subject of fracking as a sustainable energy source. MUN is a platform for me to really develop my creativity as it requires critical thinking and combining all the knowledge I have gathered over the years to form cohesive and valid arguments to support my points during debates. It is something I am interested as it is highly relevant to global current issues and allows me to broaden my scope of knowledge. I have been to 2 SEASAC conferences so far as well as other smaller overseas ones and there has never been a conference where I have not walked away knowing something new.

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