CAS: How Will/Did You Challenge Yourself?

CAS: How Will/Did You Challenge Yourself?

Habitat for Humanity CDNIS Club President 2016-2017

Being fortunate enough to have a leadership role in the club at our school I want to continue to ensure that I use my executive position to coordinate events that will generate positive change in my local and global communities. Having been in the club for many years, first as a general member and then an executive member I have accumulated many skills and a range of knowledge that I hope to apply to my time as the president to challenge myself and develop further. As well as building new skills along the way through planning and coordinating advocacy and promotional events at the school to advocate the importance of adequate housing across the globe.

How will you challenge yourself? or how did you challenge yourself?

One of my major goals this year is to increase the frequency of promotional and advocacy events for Habitat within the CDNIS school community. This is in addition to ensuring past events such as the Paint Your ____ and build trip and forum events continue to be run with a high level of success, fluidity, and school participation. This will be a challenge for me and will force me to push myself to learn new skills and knowledge as it is a major leadership role that comes with a lot of responsibility. An example of this would be planning the Hoops for the Habitat basketball charity event. It was the first time I had to coordinate such a large event and a large number of people that were participating. I challenged myself to take on this role so that I was able to learn what it takes to run large scale events like this. I found the biggest challenge to be trying to make sure everybody on the 2 executive teams was on the same page as to what was going on. It was so crucial to ensure that the smallest details were not forgotten and designated to individuals to take care of. Having to make everything run smoothly was definitely a welcomed challenge.

What new skill will you learn? or what new skill have you learned?

Leading the weekly executive Habitat member meetings allowed me to learn many new skills. Especially in the realms of leadership skills and communication skills. It is important to be able to achieve the right balance where everybody you are working with respects you and can get all the required work done, but not come across as demanding. I found that through the year, I definitely learned many skills surrounding this. How to work with others and coordinate everybody’s ideas. Another skill I learnt is how to successfully encourage everyone to contribute their ideas and not be afraid of judgment. From these skills, I know that I have developed a very important skill set that can be further applied elsewhere.

What existing skill will you develop further? or what existing skill have you developed further?

Another skill I have developed further during my time in the service and creativity position is my organisation skills. When in a leadership position I have learnt that organisation is absolutely critical. Without being constantly being well aware of all the events occurring within the club at a given time, there is no way for the rest of the club to run smoothly as there is a lack of communication. Ergo, I have definitely been able to develop my organisational skills. This ranges from writing timely emails to send to those that have helped the club, to posting albums, flyers, and videos on social media outlets in a way that is organised and easily accessed by the school community.

What is an appropriate level of challenge for you?   

I think that there is no threshold to what level of challenge can be deemed appropriate. This should be constantly changing as you learn new skills and knowledge throughout the process. My goals would be simply to keep pushing myself to grow as an individual and to learn from my mistakes from the past to improve. While also keeping in mind never to overstep and try to bit off more than I can chew when just starting off.