TOK Blog Post: History #2

by Adrian on May 1, 2017

“The Task of the historian is simply to show how it really was.”


I believe that the quote means that a historian is a person who is responsible for describing the event taken place. In addition, the Historian should not add his or her opinion towards the event/topic, since bias within history could lead to false information. However, this is only my perspective of a historian’s job, and it lead me to question: Which type of data (qualitative or quantitative) is most suitable for historians to use?

In the realm of history, both qualitative and quantitative data can be recorded, but in some AOKs, qualitative data is valued more than quantitative data. An example would be Natural Sciences, while an counter example would be most of the human sciences. If an historians only used numbers to view an event, they could miss out important emotions which influence the decision making of important figure heads. An example would be Germany before WW2, by only using numbers, it is not possible to explain the reason why Hitler felt the need to wipe out the Jewish population. But without quantitative data, we would not understand his ideology of why Jewish citizens are bad for the society. This is due to the fact that we cannot use numbers to describe his feeling of unfairness created by the Jewish people when he was still an artist.


iFolio Post – Describe your CAS Project?

by Adrian on April 27, 2017

A CAS Project is a CAS experience that:
– has a defined purpose and goals;
– involves collaboration and teamwork;
– extends for at least 1 month and;
– involves planning.
You must use the 5 CAS Stages.
If you are involved in a Service Project then you must read the additional guidance outlined on the webpage linked below.

As the chairmen of the Venturer Company for 2016-2017, I was in-charge of many programs. An example would be the lightweight leaderless hiking Camp on Tong Long Chau island. The perpetration for this activity was very tedious, since we had to prove we were capable of staying on the island without leader supervision. The goal of this camp was to complete a few requirements in achieving the queen scout award.

The first goal was to reduce all the weight of our camping bags to under 6KG, this would allow all of us walk faster and experience the difference between carrying a heavy bag. However, checking every single items each person brings is very time consuming. Thus, I collaborated with two other Venturers to increase our efficiency and quickly achieve this goal.

The Second goal was to be responsible and lead the group without any leader or adult supervision. Being an good and responsible leader does not require him/her to complete everything, however it could be seen the other way around. A good leader should actually be responsible for distribution of work, while keep check of the progress. Hence, when I allocated small responsibilities to each individual. For example, one person had to bring the food for the first day, another person had to bring first-aid kits & water purification tablets and etc…

In conclusion, through this activity I was able to demonstrate my collaboration, leadership, planning and teamwork skills. This camp is only 1 out of the 3 camps that I planned for year. Hence I have done this process many times, while strengthening my group coordination.



iFolio Post – How did you change as a result of your reflection?

April 18, 2017

Describe a profound experience and/or one that extended over several weeks. Give an example of when you reflected on any aspect of the experience. How did you change as a result of your reflection? I once joined a outdoor camp in Canada and it was located near Waterloo. This two week program was an amazing […]

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iFolio Post – The global issue I will engage with is…..

April 17, 2017

The global issue I will engage with is sustainability. Every year in the Venturer and Scout Group program, we always visit the sandy bay beach near the Hong Kong University, Stanley Ho sport ground and help pick up all the garbage we see stuck on the shore line.  All these trips started when we realised […]

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iFolio Post – How will you challenge yourself?

April 4, 2017

Task: How will you challenge yourself? How will you challenge yourself? or how did you challenge yourself? What new skill will you learn? or what new skill have you learned? What existing skill will you develop further? or what existing skill have you developed further? What is an appropriate level of challenge for you?    […]

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