by Adrian on May 5, 2016

A few things that I discovered is my leadership skills are descent, I was able to apply it during a few activities. I learnt these helpful skills through the many years of scouting activity. First, I was the leader of my different groups which include the chairman for the scouts and outdoor activity planner. The activities allow me to apply my leadership skills to strengthen it. Achieving the Chief Scout award is a clear process of being challenged. Events I planned for this award include tree planting during the summer of 2015, beach clean up during the end of winter and the remembrance day. The challenge came when I had to teach the newcomers what to do in a short amount of time. In order to prepare for the special day, I had to split up the group into smaller ones, so the experience scouts are able to teach them 1 to 1. Thus this method was very successful and the event was completed without any other problem. On the day, I also learnt about the reason why we place poppies and I have come to respect the way of remembering the fallen young men. 


Design Criterion C Reflection

by Adrian on March 6, 2016

After completing the criterion C for design, I believe that I have learned a lot in terms of editing and even video producing techniques. First, I learnt a lot about editing the video to make it look professional. For example, I learnt how to change the colour of the footage, as well as cutting the video clips to the exact moment. These are improve skills when editing, because it is used to remove stuff that is not relevant. However, I believe the video was pretty successful, this is because we had a structured story board plus we add different treatments.

If I was to redo the whole video, I would cut out the whiteboard method and spend more time reenacting the different things. This is because, instead of having boring images, reenactment can be funny and also informative. This is because comedy used effective can hook the audience as well as leaving a good memory of the video and the information included.



January 13, 2016

上中文課時,我們首先理解什麼叫劇本,然後根據所學到的概念運用基本知識,計劃該怎麼寫劇本。說實話,一開始我毫無頭緒,不知道該如何寫: 我本來以為中文的劇本好像英文的一樣,可是實踐起來的時候,發現中文劇本的寫法比英文難很多。因為除了要把時間,人物和地點交代清楚,還要說明演員要怎麼演繹才能生動地把故事情節和人物性格表現出來,達到栩栩如生,性格鮮明的效果。 同時從理論方面來說, 我們還學習了劇本和故事的結構,中文劇本結構通常由四部分組成:故事開端,發展,高潮和結局。大體上來說,這個結構類似英文劇本,但英文劇本大致有六部分, 包括故事開端,背景介紹,發展,高潮,情節遞降和結局。學課文時,我們還著重學習了雙關修辭,這對我們理解人物之間微妙的情緒變化和故事發展起到了很大的幫助和引導作用。

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Pre-Trip Reflection

November 14, 2015

During the C.A.S week sections,  I learnt a few different things about their culture and some fun facts. Important culture includes their language and some important gestures. Important gestures that must not be done is touching their head, this is because the local citizens find it really rude. Also during the Cava ceremony, you must […]

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Design Final Prototype (Science Heart Valve)

October 27, 2015

This is my artificial heart, and its stand to help demonstrate how the valve works. This prototype is based off the marble design and it is very simple and easy to make. All that is require is a few rubber bands, 2 paperclips, a balloon and a pipe. The paper clips are used to prevent […]

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