Design Day Term 1 Reflection

by Adrian on September 14, 2015

What are my take aways from today…..

Today I did not really get anything from this design day, this is because not much information was taught. The only things that I took away, was how technology has impacted many live. This includes how the bionics was able to close the gap between the disable and regular people. I was personally very surprised by the advance technology, because I never knew that computers can respond to command made by the nervous system. Also the medical problems that occur frequently can also be solved by medical science. This was very interesting, because a normal person would never thought that the first cut of any operation is the mots dangerous.

If I could do it all again…..

If I could do this project all again, I think that I would try to think of a better way to create the valve. Even though the valve  is very simple and effective, the plastic folder will tend to lose its strength and it will have to replaced very now and then. Also, I would not make the first prototype, because it was a complete let down. The water was able to move back and forward, hence the valve is not effective. Instead I would use more time on planning how to improve the prototype 2.

I used to think… Now I think…

I used to think that the valve was only found in animals or human vein, however I learnt that valve can be found in many places for example the water pipes and pumps. Also I thought the valve was a thin wall allowing the blood to flow one way but not another.

Which elements work in your first prototype…

The first prototype was a complete fail, this is because the toilet paper roll was not water proof. This cause the first prototype to break down after the water test. From the first prototype, we learnt that the valve had to be made out of water proof material. Hence the second valve was made out of all plastic.




20th Century Time-glider

by Adrian on August 17, 2015

I think that the second war world is one of the most important events in the 20th century, because it has effected many people all around the world including myself. I would say that the second world war is important, because both solider and citizens were killed unlike the first war world were only solider were killed. Also, after the second world war, the world became a little bit more peaceful. This is because the United Nations was established and they targeted to make the world a better place. Examples are…. making every nation sign the anti biological weapons, helping a lot in reducing poverty levels in Africa and increase the level of education a child can get. 


Unit 3 Inquiry Questions:

March 1, 2015

Factual: 1) Why do businesses expand globally? Business expand globally, because it tries to increase its market size to earn money. This is because there is a chance of grabbing that countries demand for products. As you expand into other countries profit can double or triple if you are doing well. However if it fails, […]

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Business Going Global Reflection

February 28, 2015

1) What did your GROUP do well?  I think that our group worked well, because we got together and work on the project outside of class.  2) How could your GROUP improve? I think there are many different possibilities for our group to improve, this is because our presentation seem like it lacks in energy. […]

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Chinese Reading ComprehensionTest Reflection

January 15, 2015

我覺得這次閱讀理解是一點難,但是我拿了45分。 這篇文章是講啃老族和原因為什麼會有啃老族。 讀完這篇文章,現在我知道有6個原因。我在最後的部分做的最好,因為我明白作者主要用途的圖畫。 但是我最差的部分是第一個,因為我不是太明白文章想說什麼。

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