For the playing test, I got a 10/10 for my song and a 9/10 for my scales. I never thought that I would get this score. I thought that because on the scales I messed up one note fore each expect for C major. I did not know that we had to play the really fast part at the end, so I was not prepared  and screwed up. I think that if I am doing that again I should ask to confirm what are we doing first before doing it. When I played the song, I kept the beat and tempo at a steady pace and also follow the dynamics as much as possible. One challenging part of the song was the staccato that suddenly appear in the middle of  sir. Overall, I was pretty happy with the grade I got and wish I could ace the scales part next time.


Criterion D Reflection

by Adrian on June 4, 2014

  • be engaged in class

  • use their DW effectively

  • participate band

  • practice at home

During class I usually engaged and answer questions, I answer theory questions and help others in class who are in need. I lost may practice diary but I practice 5 times a week for 20 min each time since I just passed my grade 3 exam and preparing for my grade 5. On the grade 3 exam I got merit which was 120 and above, out of 150. I think that I should practice a little more next year and scan the picture instead of using Iphone scaning app. I did not join any band this year, but I think I might join one next year. I am guessing that I would get a 5-6 since I meet some of the requirements.


Art Work (3 value sketches)

June 3, 2014

Picture 1: In this picture, I drew a monkey for my texture picture and I think that the eyes and the mouth is a little weird. I think next time I should make the mouth a little smaller so that it would be in proportion. Picture 2: The second picture I drew was the original […]

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Math Exam Reflection

May 30, 2014

I think that on the Math exam, I did pretty good but I could have done better. During this test I made lots of careless mistakes which could have really improve my grade. In the one-two question, I made careless mistakes like instead of increasing the percentage, I decreased by accident. Also, during the exponents, […]

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Design challenge Is my iFolio ready to be included in school reporting?

May 23, 2014

Final blog post – Evaluation of whether your iFolio is ready to be shared as part of the school’s report to your parents. I don’t the idea of showing our ifolio being in our report card because it will cause more pressure for the students to get Honor roll or principle. I think that iFolio […]

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