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by Adrian on February 20, 2017


Artists should not be limited by questions of ethics.


Artist all around the world express their creativity through different medias and their inspiration comes from all different types of things occurring around the world or even in their mind. Since the artist’s idea comes from things going on around a world, sometimes the expressed opinion can be harmful or offensive. This is where people questions if artist should or not to be limited by ethics. The ethics topic covers a whole wide range of things, however I believe topic sensitive issues and copyrights issues are the two biggest problems.

First, there are many different sensitive issues around the world, a list of them would be…

1. Violence + War

2.Anything related to Death or Pain, Hunger, etc…

3.Natural disasters

4.Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, smoking

5.Abuse, poverty, Racism

All of these topics has previously been all expressed through art for the past thousands of years. However in the olden times, most the artist would not get criticised as much as now a days, this is due to the media and all the information we are exposed to. These types of art could have terrifying effects on the audience because they might be able to relatable in some ways. For example, if an artist drew a picture of nazis wiping out the jewish people during WW2, the whole Jewish community would find it offences and depressing. Not just the jewish community, but the people who grow up in respectful and caring community, they would also find the art heart breaking. This would affect their mental health, which doctors would highly agree that is equally as important as your physical health. If your physical health was harmed by another person intensionally, they would receive a crime record. Thus, this is one of the main arguments that art should be limited to ethics.

The second type of ethics I will be talking about is the idea of copying another piece of art work. Artist around the world spend a lot time practicing and finding sources for new inspiration, but this is easily stolen by other people and used as a base to create their own. It is impossible to tell if the artist had the true intention of stealing an idea, since the artist can claim that he also view the topic in the same way of the original artist. Thus, through the lens of a copyright and credits, artist can sometimes cross the border of ethics.



Personal Profile before Grade 11

by Adrian on February 7, 2017



-> Grade 5

Music Theory-

-> Grade 5

Caring Award-

-> Applied first aid skills multiple times during a school trip (Fiji)



-> Level 3 with over 120 hours of experience

-> Assistant instructor

-> Joined the Sailing School Team for two years


-> Played golf since the age of 5

-> Joined the golf team, since grade 3

-> KSC Junior Squad team <Public Team> (1 year)

-> Attended 3 Seasac

-> Handicap of 17.2


-> School team for 2 years

-> Public classes in SCAA for 4 years (


-> Beavers (2 years)

-> Cubs (3 years)

-> Scouts (1 Year Chairmen) (3 Years)

-> Ventures (President) (2 Years)

-> Certified St.John First aid

-> Three Star Kayaking Training

-> Bronze Level Kayaking


Remembrance Day Service

->  5 years

Scouts Beach Clean up

->5 times


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December 4, 2016

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