Pre-Trip Reflection

by Adrian on November 14, 2015

During the C.A.S week sections,  I learnt a few different things about their culture and some fun facts. Important culture includes their language and some important gestures. Important gestures that must not be done is touching their head, this is because the local citizens find it really rude. Also during the Cava ceremony, you must clap once before receiving the bowl and afterwards clap 3 times to show that you enjoyed it. People from last year said the Cava juice taste really nice, so I am looking forward to this event. When thinking about C.A.S week, some thoughts come into my mind. This includes adventure, making new friends and experiencing different culture.  Adventure is important in C.A.S week, because a good adventure can be very memorable. Exploring different aspects of the country and learning its culture from locals also show that you are a IB learner because you are curious and a inquire learner. Second, meeting new friends from school are the local students could be good, because connections are very important. Making a positive impact on the community, would also make the locals more happy. Hence if the service work we do can impact lots of people, we will be welcomed in a very friendly way.


Design Final Prototype (Science Heart Valve)

by Adrian on October 27, 2015

This is my artificial heart, and its stand to help demonstrate how the valve works. This prototype is based off the marble design and it is very simple and easy to make. All that is require is a few rubber bands, 2 paperclips, a balloon and a pipe. The paper clips are used to prevent the ball from falling out and the balloon is used to keep the ball from rolling out the other side. Since the ballon is stretchable, it will form the balls shape, as a result of closing all gaps to prevent the water from reverse back flow.


Design Day Term 1 Reflection

September 14, 2015

What are my take aways from today….. Today I did not really get anything from this design day, this is because not much information was taught. The only things that I took away, was how technology has impacted many live. This includes how the bionics was able to close the gap between the disable and […]

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20th Century Time-glider

August 17, 2015

I think that the second war world is one of the most important events in the 20th century, because it has effected many people all around the world including myself. I would say that the second world war is important, because both solider and citizens were killed unlike the first war world were only solider […]

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Unit 3 Inquiry Questions:

March 1, 2015

Factual: 1) Why do businesses expand globally? Business expand globally, because it tries to increase its market size to earn money. This is because there is a chance of grabbing that countries demand for products. As you expand into other countries profit can double or triple if you are doing well. However if it fails, […]

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