Sickle Cell Disease iBook survey

by Adrian on March 28, 2014

Please help me answer these questions for my iBook


Final Reflection Music Comments and process

by Adrian on March 14, 2014

Final Process

Adrian Tam 14-3-14

After looking at all the comments I think that my i did good at repetition because the audiences notes that i repeat a lot. Not only that people/the audience think that the use of dynamics is use well when in certain parts of the area. I followed all the comments from my peers and only one of them I did not follow. This is Horace’s comment, i did not follow this comment because I wanted this song to be jumpy. I did not try to do this but some people said that my song sounds very energetic. I think that it is because of the variety of notes i used, some are high and some are low. Not only that I think that the tempo made it sound energetic  because if the song was slow people will think it is a calm song.


16 Bar Composition Final

March 6, 2014

This is my final version. Hope you like it!

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A Major Clarinet

March 5, 2014
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