“WA$TE” Reflection

by Charles on November 16, 2010

Today I watch a movie called WA$TE. It was about some farmers burning trash. The family farmers were using lots of energy because of their refrigerator. They had 2 refrigerator, ones for beer, and the other one is for other frozen food. Their house had a heater, but it dose not go to the rooms. The WA$TE team made heat transfer to let heat to the other rooms. They also planted a veggie garden to cut down the petrol fuel for their car, because they drive to the super market to the super market. The WA$TE team had also gave them a chicken hut for eggs. They also cut down the shower water by taking shorter showers.At the end the WA$TE team match the family for ever dollar they save and multiply that by a year. The family earned $150 US!

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