Intro to AOKs

Choose any 2 AOKs. Analyze why they are considered separate AOKs. Make reference to at least one of the categories of the KF in your discussion.

History and the arts are separate areas of knowledge because history is more fact and event focused than the arts. Arts can be based off of history and art can have a long history to the techniques and the events that go on. However it is mainly a sub-category of history; a section within the timeline. However, the arts encompasses different genre of arts and allows for different ways of knowing. History is the analysis of past events and the discussion and learning behind it.

The arts conventionally involve a type of concept and perhaps could convey the notion of an event in history. It gives a subjective scope of the world. History is mainly events that have been written down to inform the public about past issues and learn from their mistakes. Art is created and is physically made. History is a byproduct of the actions of an individual.

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