CAS Project

I’m in the photography club, and have been for around 8 months, my purpose of joining this club and participating in its activities is because I have a passion for photography and really enjoy it when I can successfully take photos that perfectly define the moment that will never occur again. 1. Investigation: Investigation was […]


History is what historians choose to interpret from the evidence the surviving evidence of the past, it’s pretty much historians looking at things from different ways in addition to the source

Global Issue

The Global Issue I will engage with is environment, this global issue is very important and is one I feel that I have to engage with as often as possible. Especially since I learnt in my geography class that Hong Kong has a very high ecological and carbon footprint and utilises the linear city model, […]

How will you challenge yourself?

This year I have challenged myself by engaging in activities outside of school and inside of school. As stated in my personal profile, I did join the photography club and habitat of humanity and worked throughout the year. The photography club has enabled me to acquire a myriad of skills, one of the most significant […]