The Human Body Exam Study

by 043104 on June 7, 2011

The days before the the human body exam, we have practiced and studied very hard only for a important exam. We have looked at a lot of movies/videos about everything about the human body and the changes about the human body. We also did a lot of work and workbooks about the human body like the human body work book and the graphic organizer and all the work sheets we’ve finished and still working on for the exam. In the exam, you can’t use anything else to help you except the cheat sheet that we are and done working on, it is a maximum shaped and sized paper that you can take and write anything you want for example notes that can help you on the test. The test is 8 pages long (as the teacher told as) and you can only use the cheat sheet (as I told you) and a human body work bank in the projector that can help you with words you don’t know. There’s pretty much a lot of helping tools in the exam. It’s going to be a easy or a hard exam( your choice).


I’m sooo exciting because I get to bring my computer back home and in Summer Holiday… But before let me tell you something safe when you are online. When your online, you need to be really responsible in your social networking account for example Facebook, Skype, Twitter and other social networking. You have to know your privacy settings, if you want to be private then change the settings, it is your own choice to be private or not. And also you have to be careful how you communicate on a social network with your friends, family, and others, DON”T talk or communicate with someone you don’t really know or DON”T exactly know because if you do, the stranger will take or steal your info or comments and maybe something you say in Facebook to others. It is also important to not swear or say inappropriate word in a social network, it may hurt your friends, or other’s feeling’s and the person who invented the network will delete your account. So you Have to HAve to be good on a social network.


The Grade 9 Civics Simulations

by 043104 on May 26, 2011

We visited the grade 9’s Civics Simulation, Simulation is that you pretend that your the real person onthe real thing, like people don’t have food and don’t have money and people that have difficult disabilies in the world. So we are pretending we have no arms and we need to wear on clothes and sit on a chair with no limbs. And use your weak hand to write and it is really really hard, so pretend that you have nothing connected to your body. That would make your life harder so it will take much more time than you do usually. My favorite Simulation was the cyber bullying because it teaches you to not believe in people n the internet and in the world. So we did this game where I need to take off my shoes and basically the grade 9’s put 6 pins on the floor and told me to walk through the pins with a jacket covering my face which is scary. Then I walk through the pins but when I finished and took off the jacket, I saw nothing on the floor. So now I know not to trust strangers.


SLLR is something that your parents come to school and the student tells the parents what have the student been learning so far in school, you have to let your parents understand deeply what you are learning at school, so you have to tell your parents in detailed and explain it. Then, When your done your parents will leave a good impression in your learning.


Easter Holid YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

by 043104 on April 29, 2011

During the easter holiday, I went to 6 cities in U.S.A. Sanfransicso, Sacramento, Seattle, Denver, Vail, Los Angeles.



Dig Day and Artifact Hunting

by 043104 on April 28, 2011

We went to South bay to dig our artifacts in the sand. It was really easy to find the artifacts but my artifact was really really really hard to put it back together because there was a lot of little cracked pieces. At first I don’t really know what it is because I can’t put them back together and know what it is. The artifact hunting day, i found my own artifact piece and nobody found theres that i found because it was hard to see. It was really fun!!!!


National Treasure Part 1

by 043104 on March 30, 2011

In class, we watched this movie called National Treasure Part 1. This Hollywood movie is related to our unit of inquiry, There’s action, mystery, and like a treasure hunting movie. We watched half of the movie and I would like to tell you 5  great parts that happened in this movie.

The good and the bad guys are trying to get the treausure that got hidden in SOMWHERE IN Earth.

The good guys got chased by the bad guys.

The bad guys didn’t use clues to find the treasures, they were following the good guys who are working hard finding the clues.

The clue the good guys have is called the “Declaration of Independance”.Benjamin franklin wrote the “Declaration of Independance”

The bad guys got the “Decloration of Independance”

Sounds like a good movie right? watch it IF YOU HAVE TIME


You can learn about the past by :

going to the cemetery, going to the museum, watching the t.v, listening on the radio, reading articles on newspaper and magazines, go on the internet wikipedia, watching a movie like p.s.a’s and commercial, and ask lots of people about the past. Theres more than 1 million ways to learn about the past.



by 043104 on March 15, 2011

We are starting a unit about Hong Kong’s past, and we are playing this artifact game by guessing where is the photo taken, where is it from, and how old is it. We have been playing in class about for 2 or 3 weeks every morning and it is fun guessing the photo. I chose this artifact for you to guess what is it, where is it from and how old is it: You can play it with you’re family too. Guessing is thinking what picture is it. Interpreting is same as guessing but not too much.


HongKong’s Past

by 043104 on March 10, 2011

[youtube][/youtube] We watched this video today to learn Hongkong’s past


Class Community Circle (C.C.C)

March 8, 2011

I think C.C.C. is a good idea because people can share there own ideas of something to say. The 3 rules in CCC is that you cannot say something negative about somebody, can’t speak without the ball (We pass the ball around for people to talk) and the last rule is you cannot play with […]

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Trip to the HongKong Happy Valley Cemetery

March 2, 2011

We went to the HongKong Happy Valley Cemetery to learn about our new unit of inquiry and to learn about histories. we were in a group with 4 people and we toke some photos and recorded some videos for you to see and watch. I learned that people die in different ways and when they […]

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What Is A P.S.A

February 23, 2011

[youtube][/youtube]P.S.A stands for “public service announcement” It is similar to an advertisement. A P.S.A is a short video convincing you to stop doing the bad things, for example : eating shark fins soup, smoking, stealing, and drinking wine when having to drive, So people will stop doing it. P.S.A’s are good because people can see […]

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Poetry Authors Visit

January 20, 2011

Today we had two poetry authors visit in the CDNIS library pit. They were reading us some poetry that they wrote and published. I think their poetry is creative and funny and made everybody laugh. One of the author is called Sara Holbrook and the other one is called Michael Salinger, they both are married […]

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Me And Bud

January 18, 2011

Me and my reading buddy Theo. His favorite color is blue. He likes playing rugby. He don’t play instruments. He went to england on Christmas holiday. Theo and I is very very excited for the chinese new year holiday. Theo’s birthday is on 25th March. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up.He […]

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My Challenge Book

December 16, 2010

My challenge book is called : GooseBumps Horrorland and its 200 pages long, this book is kind of scary and creepy if you read it, its about children going to a horrorland and its very mysterious. This book is a novel and its easy to read but theres very little pictures, the thing about novel […]

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Friday Party Then Christmas Holiday

December 14, 2010

We are having a christmas party  in our school and we are very happy to have this party. Now I will tell you what is happening in this grade 5 christmas party, 3 of the class rooms are doing a movie about christmas and our class of coures the DISCO ROOM we dance and rock […]

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Christmas Boxes

November 30, 2010

Summary: This photo is all the boxes in the room and they are all presents for christmas and they bought it from Amazon. It makes me feel of its so messy because theres so many boxes in a room doing nothing and it also when I look at this picture, I think of somthing that […]

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My Wordle

November 28, 2010
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What is Does Perspective Mean?

November 25, 2010

Perspective means that every person has a point of view and their own opinions. Everybody has a different  perspective like doing something. For example the three little pigs writer has different perspective with other different writers, they have different version in the story the three little pigs, some stories are good and some are bad. […]

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Cyber Safety

November 18, 2010

We were listening to a guess speaker talking about cyber-bullying. I noticed if you have a phone, you better turn off bluetooth if you are not using it, or else someone will get inside your phone device and make some viruses. Don’t give people so much personal information, and your social networking privacy. I noticed […]

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My Wasted Reflection

November 17, 2010

We have seen a video called “Wasted” and its all about people polluting the air and the eco-system, and there is one woman that are stopping them to not pollute the eco-system. That woman is telling the family some strategies to stop and do something else instead of polluting the eco-system. The woman is also […]

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Our New Unit of Inquiry- “How we organize ourselves”

November 12, 2010

We started a new unit called “How we organize ourselves”, its about garbage and all other kind of wastes. I don’t really know that much about the unit well I know some, I know to not throw out garbage if we still can use them and not wasting the food and other things you can […]

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Sports in Our School

November 8, 2010

The sports in our school is really cool. This week, there’s a sport tryout and i’m trying out for the U12: Under 12 years basketball team, because my favorite sport is basketball which my favorite team in basketball NBA is Lakers, and my favorite player is Kobe Bryant #24, his signature move: Fad-away. The sports […]

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My October Break

October 25, 2010

On my  October break I went to Thailand: Phuket, first when I arrived, me and my mother went to check out the resort hotel. My mom booked the small villa but the manager help us upgrade to a bigger room and more large swimming pool, it was so cool, I kept on pretending the villa […]

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How The World Works

October 8, 2010

Our New Unit of Inquiry is How the world works with state of matter. Things I already know about the unit is that matter is everything, Causation and change are the important things. Materials are what makes that thing, like wood, plastic, glass, and all different materials. Matter can never be created or destroyed, There’s […]

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My Best Poem

October 4, 2010

Blue is a relaxing color It’s sounds like light shimmering rain, But with no pain Blue is fresh morning sky, and a tear from my eye. Blue bruise thats really achy or a big for goodness sakey.

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My Communication Technology Invention

September 29, 2010

For our unit of inquiry we created presentations using PREZI. every Dj invented a communication technology of the future. Click HERE to see mine!

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5 Random Things About Me

September 28, 2010

I am a grade 5 student and i love grade 5, and my favorite subjects in school are: 1. P.E. 2. Computers and anything that i like: Favorite food: Sushi Favorite sport: Basketball Favorite things to do: Watch Movies

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