Methods and problems in Human Science

Methods and problems in Human Science


Methods and problems in Human Science

summarize in your own words the reading ‘Can we use scientific approach with humans’   The article compares the use of the scientific method in human science and in natural science. It shows how that the issues affecting human science…

Math: Proofs and Axioms

KQ: What are the implications of uncertainty in the furthering of production of knowledge in math? uncertainty in axioms –>  uncertainty in mathematical proofs cannot be proved or disproved

Math: Discovered or Invented?

In your opinion, in which other AOKs does it make sense to ask this question of discovered/invented? I think the question of discovered/invented can also be asked in other AOKs such as natural science, human science,  and indigenous knowledge. Although…

Science vs PseudoScience

Science vs Pseudoscience It is unsurprising when we hear that experts in Art can’t always agree what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ Art. We might say that the distinction between what ‘is’, and what ‘is not’ art, is not always clear….

Problems with observation and confirmation bias

Facts and Theories in Science Science is objective and descriptive, while the arts are creative and interpretive. Evaluate this claim. I think this claim is true to some extent. I think that as a whole, the scientific community aims to be…

What is Art?

Unlike The Arts, Science tells us something valuable about the world. I disagree with this claim. I think both WOKs can tell us something valuable. For science, although this may be more empirical and objective, it does not diminish the…

Art: Practising TOK Thinking

“Without the group to verify it, knowledge is not possible.” Discuss Possible KQs: What is the role of the ‘group’ in the production of knowledge in art? How does this link to personal and shared knowledge? What kind of knowledge…

Art and Truth

In the first essay, Art vs Science, the writer makes the argument that art conveys a certain type of fundamental truth. This definition of truth is not just what happened, but how events were perceived by humans and what impact…

Science is/is not decided by faith

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