End of Year Reflection

End of Year Reflection

End of Year Reflection I think that throughout the year, my note accuracy did not show a lot of improvement, because sometimes I would still play the wrong notes or forget sharps and flats.┬áThis year I encountered a few new…

Recorded Scales

Melodic and Harmonic Minor Scales

December Tests Reflection

December Tests Reflection

Playing Test Reflection: During this playing test reflection, I think I did well on my scales but not as much on the piece. For the scales, I think the worst one was my chromatic scale because it wasn’t smooth and…

December Playing Test

Concert G Concert Ab Chromatic Scale Concert C Concert Eb Concert F

Concert F and Concert C Major Scales

#65: Russian Sailors’ Dance

Reflection: In the song, I noticed that my notes were often slightly flat. The tempo is supposed to be Allegretto, I think my tempo in this song is a bit slower, because if I play faster I make mistakes. For…

Bb Major Scale

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