A thinker is someone who can apply critical and creative thinking skills to analyse and take responsible actions on complex problems.We exercise initiative in making reasoned ethical decisions.

One of the things where I was able to apply thinking skills was in Model United Nations (MUN). I joined MUN this year and have participated in 2 conferences (CDNISMUN &TAIMUN) so far and plan to participate in more. In MUN, participants act as UN delegates, and research their countries and their stances to provide a solution to a global problem. This encourages thinking skills to apply knowledge and debate the pros and cons of the solutions.

In TAIMUN, we discussed motions such as “Measures to preserve world heritage sites when accessing energy resources” and “Increasing global broadband access”, while for CDNISMUN we discussed “The Future of Nuclear Power As An Energy Source” and “The Usage and Legality of Narcotics for Medicinal and Recreational Purposes”. Researching and debating these topics really allowed my understanding of global issues to grow.


Evidence #1: Group photo at TAIMUN (I’m in the bottom row, the second from the right)



Evidence #2: My name pass at CDNISMUN

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