I’m a communicator because I can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese with native fluency as well as basic French. I have native fluency with Cantonese and English because they are the two main languages I speak in, I always speak Cantonese when conversing with my family and I always speak English at school because that’s the language we use for learning and communication between students. I also learnt French for 4 years from grades 5-8, where we learnt about French conjugation, sentence structures and some simpler French vocabulary. We had a variety of French assessments to demonstrate our proficiency, such as reading assessments and writing tasks. For Mandarin, I’m currently in Mandarin Phase A which is the highest phase for Mandarin for students with native fluency. For Mandarin we speak it in class, learn literary works and write essays. Its important for communicators to speak multiple languages fluently to be able to express themselves in this global world.


Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 6.31.05 pm

Evidence #1: An essay I wrote analysing a literary work we learnt in Chinese class.*


Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 6.15.03 pm

Evidence #2: This is an excerpt of an assignment we had for French class, which was writing a short booklet about an animal of your choice.*

*Click to see enlarged version

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