My CAS Project

My CAS project is my involvement with debating at CDNIS, which I’ve been involved in since grade 9. I joined the club in grade 9, then became Vice President in grade 10, and President in grade 11 and 12.

This comes under 3 major branches: first, the school’s weekly club, where we meet and debate once a week. There is also the debating team, who’s members are slightly different from those in the club, and also the mock trial team. My defined purpose in this project was to improve my own ability to construct and defend arguments, as well as improve in public speaking, and the goal of the project overall is to introduce more people to the world of competitive debate, as well as have a more interesting debate and development of skills within the school.

  • defined purpose/goals
  • involves collaboration and teamwork
  • extends for 1 month and involves planning

CAS Stages

Investigation & Planning Stage

The main way I was introduced to debating and starting participating in it, was when I took part in some debate workshops during the summer after grade 7. I really enjoyed it and so I started looking for more ways to participate in school. During our school’s clubs fair, I found the debate club booth and so I signed up to be a general member. Another investigation is looking into the types of debate competitions and programs in HK.

The planning stage is interspersed throughout the year. For general meetings, myself and my Vice President Kaiya plan what kind of activities/debates we want to have that day. For competitions, planning is deciding what competitions to prioritise, how to advertise them, etc. We also have other activities that require planning, such as picking new debate executives for the next year.


We have executive meetings, consisting of me, other debate executives, and our club supervisor, Mrs Merritt, on average once a week. We meet more or less depending on our availability and if there’s a need for it.

For competitions, we meet at least once a week for the month or two leading up to a competition, to practise speaking and to also prepare our arguments. The competition aspect is a large part of taking action.

I also take action by trying to increase participants, such as by making posters, encouraging friends to join, and introducing others to new debate opportunities.

Posters for advertising the club




Throughout this experience, I learnt a lot about myself and developed a lot of my skills. In grade 11, my main focus was on the debate club and improving my own skills, which allowed me to improve my speaking and critical thinking skills. In grade 12, my focus transitioned to recruiting and coaching new members and I was able to develop my organizational skills.

Demonstration / celebration:

Submit the link to an iFolio post that explains how you achieved this Learning Outcome through your CAS involvement.

Students can articulate the stages from conceiving an idea to executing a plan for a CAS experience or series of CAS experiences. This may be accomplished in collaboration with other participants. Students may show their knowledge and awareness by building on a previous experience, or by launching a new idea or process.The student:
– is able to articulate the CAS stages including investigation, preparation, action, reflection (ongoing) and demonstration, moving from conceiving an idea to carrying out a plan for a CAS experience or series of CAS experiences
– demonstrates knowledge and awareness by building on a previous CAS experience
– shows initiative by launching a new idea or process
– suggests creative ideas, proposals or solutions
– integrates reflective thoughts in planning or taking initiative
– is aware of roles and responsibilities when designing an individual or collective CAS experience
– shows responsible attitude to CAS project planning
– is able to develop a coherent action plan taking into account the aim or purpose, activities and resources.