LO6 – Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

Through debate, I was able to engage with many different social, political and economic issues, and often many debates tied all these issues together. Engaging in a range of different topics through debate was very stimulating in allowing me to reflect on the significance of these issues in our society. I also encouraged more analysis of these issues by setting motions that I thought were important in weekly meetings.

Often, many debate topics are set as extremely progressive ideas which would often be unfeasible or unwelcome in reality. The objective is to consider both sides and to get to the root of the problem.

As an example, I have put down the topics I personally debated in the 2017 HK British Parliamentary Debate Competition. I found this to be just an example of the many different types of debate motions there are. Before some motions, there was an info slide.

(Infoslide: A time limit of an offence prevents any legal proceeding, civil or criminal, to be brought after that time period has expired.) In places where time limits exist, this house would remove all time limits on sex crimes.

This debate was very relevant with the growing awareness of incidences of sexual harassment in modern society. It was a very fruitful debate on the trauma experienced by victims of sex crimes and how they may take a long time to recover or have the courage to come forward. Furthermore, in class action lawsuits and such, past victims may not be able to come forward and as such would not be able to receive justice. Other issues discussed were how the passing of time would affect, or not affect the existence of quality evidence. It also increased my knowledge about legal frameworks. This debate brought to my attention an issue I had never known before and brought to the forefront the significant complications of the legal systems when providing justice for people.

This house would give women an additional vote in elections.

This debate concerned a different social aspect, particularly the role of women and retribution for past wrongs and the social and political power of women today.

This house believes that developed countries should pay developing countries to preserve rainforests.

This house regrets the liberals’ attempt to mock President Trump and his supporters.

I personally really enjoyed this debate on US politics and polarisation in the US. This debate lead me to read a lot of interesting articles on the New York Times and other websites about how the democratic and/or republican parties polarise each other.

This house believes that the EU should only offer debt relief to countries in exchange for them housing refugees.

(Infoslide: Queerbaiting is a tactic used by writers of books, movies, TV shows etc. to attract LGBT readers/audience by hinting at homosexual relationships/tendency of characters, but never clearly admitting their homosexual relationships/tendency.) This house, as the LGBT movement, welcomes queerbaiting.

(Infoslide: Fan fiction refers to a fiction that is based on an original work. It is written by a fan of that original work instead of the original author. The author of a fan fiction may use the materials of the original work, such as the characters, the setting, or the plot, with variations in the fan fiction.) This house would actively prosecute fan fiction.

This house would require real estate developers to commit to a specified proportion of their developments to the middle to lower class as a pre-requisite for buying land that has been zoned for residential use.

Students are able to identify and demonstrate their understanding of global issues, make responsible decisions, and take appropriate action in response to the issue either locally, nationally or internationally.
The student:
– recognizes the global implications of local issues
– is able to identify global issues in the local or national community
– shows awareness of issues of global importance and takes concrete and appropriate actions in response to them either locally, nationally or internationally
– gets involved in CAS projects addressing global issues in a local, national or international context
– develops awareness and responsibility towards a shared humanity.