LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

I think I demonstrated regular involvement and active engagement in debate. We hold meetings on Monday lunch for the junior division and Wednesday lunch for the senior division, and we meet every other Friday for executive meetings. I was also very involved in the ~10 competitions we participated in over the past 2 years. Some of them, I did outside of school, but most were in school. I was mainly in charge of gathering teams every time. If I was participating in the competitions, we would meet 1-2 times every week for an hour during the 2 months leading up to the competition, with extra work at home. If I was not participating in the competition (mostly when it was junior competitions or when I was very busy in gr 12) I was still involved in coaching. For example, the most recent junior competition, I was the sole coach for 2 lunch meetings a week and 2 one-hour long meetings after school.

In terms of potential challengers, I think the most significant challenge is gathering members for each competition. As we don’t have a large or consistent base of members, especially in the senior division, it is always a challenge recruiting new people. In preparation for each competition, about 6-7 weeks before, we put out posters, emails to the whole upper school, and talk to people individually to engage in competition. But even if we don’t have enough members to join the competition, those efforts are not wasted as we encourage people to join the general meetings instead.

An example of when I adapted to uncertainties and changes was in grade 11, when there was a big competition which required quite a lot of research and very difficult debate topics. Also, apart from myself, all the other members were virtually beginners. A few weeks into meetings, me and Mrs M, our club supervisor, and our other executive member decided to pull out the competition. This was very unfortunate and disappointing but after repeated failures at emails (people didn’t reply!), and trying to meet with the whole team and encouraging the whole team to work, the experience had turned sour as people were not putting in the time or effort. Furthermore, this was near exams, and although there were no grade 12s in our team, people were increasingly busy. Although it was very disappointing that we could not join the competition, sometimes we had to adapt to the situation and not take on an excessive workload for a frustrating experience.

The student:

– demonstrates regular involvement and active engagement with CAS experiences and CAS project
– is able to foresee potential challenges to the initial plan and consider valid alternatives and contingencies
– demonstrates adaptability to uncertainties and changes
– gets involved in long-term CAS experiences and CAS project.