“Wa$ted” Reflection

In class today we watched a video called “Wasted”.  It is about families wasting the planet and a woman Francesca and a man Tristan teach them how to save the planet.  To be more environmentally friendly.

The episode I watch today with my class was about a family that lived on a farm.  They were burning their rubbish. Like plastic, cardboard, paper, and cans.  Francesca and Tristan taught them how to be environmentally friendly.  After, Francesca and Tristan gave them 3 weeks to become eco friendly then give them allowance.  At the end they eared 1500 dollars and learned how to be green.

See ya.

2 thoughts on ““Wa$ted” Reflection”

  1. DJ 24, let’s come up with some ideas for home to go green and staying green! How about we use this as 2011 New Year resolutions.

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