Blog Action Day Water 2010

Today, our teacher showed us a video about blog action day. This years topic is Water. Here is some facts for you and my feelings about it.

Water, why is it important?

Lots of people die each day because they drink unsafe water. Well I’ll tell you some information. More people die from drinking unsafe water then a whole war each day,so you the reader have to save water. Water is important to everyone. Everyone.

Water is important to everyone. Have you ever ever in your whole entire life drank unsafe water before? If you did ask yourself :How does it feel like? Why did you have to drink it? What was the cause. But if you didn’t……. ask yourself: Did I ever waste clean water ¬†before?Did I not? Have I ever felt sorry people that had to drink unsafe water before?

Please try to feel open minded to the people to the people that drink unsafe water and try not to waste clean water.

Water is important.  Please try to save it.

8 thoughts on “Blog Action Day Water 2010”

  1. I’m surprised that little girl at your age concerns so much about conservation of environment. Well done! Keep up your good work and influence other kids as well!

  2. I cannot agree more on what your points. Indeed fresh water is getting scarce and if we keep wasting it, the result will be disastrous !! Let’s safe clean water together.

  3. It’s really true: Clean Water is very important. There is an outbreak of cholera in Haiti these days due to unclean water.
    I hope the other kids in Hong Kong can have the same awareness like you.

  4. We have participated in charity project to help people in remote village in China to drill wells for drinkable water. Without the wells, some little children have to walk hours every day to get water back to the village. You can’t imagine how terrible is the water they drink without the wells.

  5. Well said DJ 24, thanks for sharing,
    yes, we are really blessed to be living in hong kong, and we should not take things for granted!

    Uncle Vincent

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