by 043099 on June 14, 2011

Yesterday,  I had a little goodbye class party since I am leaving CDNIS for Singapore in a few weeks.  I also made a short Speech to tell my classmates and teachers about how much fun I had in grade 5 and how much my class meant to me.  This year meant the world to me because it was a very remarkable year , we not only learned about global issues such as children’s rights under the UN Convention, we also learned about bodies of the opposite gender!!!  The Disco DJ’s were the only grade 5 class who made a class music video, totally original and super fun to take part!  Although it  feels like I will be losing many friends, I am still proud that I will soon be going to UWC and I will make new friends there…  I will really miss my friends and especially my teacher Ms Cahusac, SHE is what made our class the best one ever!!!  Goodbye, my mates :):):):):):):)

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