Iqbal Reflection

by 043099 on January 27, 2011

Our class has been reading a book called IQBAL.  IQBAL is a true story about Child Labor and the main character is a boy named Iqbal who worked in a carpet factory.  The story is about how Iqbal tried to free the children from their evil masters.

Let me tell you a little bit about the story.  The story is told by Fatima, a little girl who was sold to a carpet factory by her parents.  Her master Hussain Khan was a very mean person and treated everyone very horribly, alth0ugh he called Fatima his pet because she was very obedient.

Then Iqbal appeared one day, he was paying a debt for his father because the father had borrowed lots of money.  Iqbal was a very friendly person and the most talented carpet maker in the whole factory, so every one wanted to be friends with Iqbal because he made such beautiful carpets.

Iqbal was an amazing boy, who did many brave things to tell people how poorly child laborers are treated.  Some examples of his actions are bringing police to the factory to see the conditions, organizing protests on the street, and helping children to escape from their evil masters.  Sadly, Iqbal was murdered by an assassin from the carpet factory (we never found out who did it).

The book made me feel lucky and sad.  I see how lucky I am compared to the children described in the book.  I was sad because of how young children were treated, because they are just little kids and were unable to fight back.

I really recommend you to read this book because it will teach you a lot and show you how much we have compare to some others.

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Ms. Cahusac February 24, 2011 at 7:57 am

DJ 23,

Your reflection of the book IQBAL inspired me to have even more questions. Luckily I’ve read the book so I know most of the answers, but for other people who read your blog, they might really feel like they want to understand more about the book and more about YOU.

Remember that a reflection can include things like:
– things you did or didn’t understand about the book
– exact references to the learning that happened for you while reading the book
– questions you still have
– what you are going to do next….

Keep up the great writing – your readers want more, more, MORE, and you keep getter better, better, BETTER 😉

– Dancing DJ


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