TOK #17 – Art and Truth

Summarize what the main point(s) of both essays into one short paragraph each. Which essay do you agree with more and why?

Summary of Art and Truth:

This article demonstrates how the artists feel the responsibility to convey truth in a way that communicates language. In certain cases, art is able to demonstrate the truth, such as giving us correct information about the clothes, furniture and culture of the era it is depicting. However, despite art being able to tell us the truth, facts and statistics will be able to do so, yet this would result in us diminishing art. The article summarizes about how humans have become too obsessed in using quantifiable data as evidence for things, resulting in us overlooking the value of art. Perhaps, there is a value of art which goes far beyond passing on the ‘truth’.

Summary of Art VS Science:

Art versus Science states that art can help us convey truth, where it does so in not only demonstrating cultures of previous eras, but its subjectivity can also be helpful, specifically with the past. If truth were to be defined as “not simply what happened, but how events were perceived by humans, and what impact they had on those same individuals.’ By this description, paintings of the past would allow us to understand the emotion of how the other people felt, and allow for us to emphasize with them. Despite science being objective and art being subjective, the arts and the sciences are linked: science can sometimes explain the beauty of the art, and art can be used to convey scientific truths. Hence showing how art has the ability to provide a deeper understanding than science would be able to due to its subjectivity.

Overall, I agree more with the Arts VS Science article more, as it allows I agree with the statement that art can be used to convey truths much more than science. As science’s purpose is to stay as objective as possible, this results in lacking the emotional side of knowledge. As art is subjective, it can include both factual/quantifiable data, and also be subject to creativity, it allows for more knowledge to be received from art. Despite every individual interpreting art in different ways, even though the knowledge gained may not be shared knowledge, but the personal knowledge gained can be useful to each individual in their own way, hence, art is able to provide a deeper understanding than science could at certain situations.

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