Better Blogging Battle 2011-2012!!

Hey Guys!!!

Remember the BBB??? The Better Blogging Battle is back on AGAIN!!!! Even though I am in grade 6, I can still join, you can join too (If you are in grade 5 or 6) and get ready for a load full of challenges, please sign up. Get ready to be CHALLENGED, and to learn more cool ways to make your blog more interesting, and have more VISITORS!!!!

The reason why I want to participate is because I want to make my blog more fun, not because of the gifts we get.

The teacher who did this, Ms. Cahusac will make a sign up page for us to sign up, but for now, I’ll be checking the BBB daily and will tell you guys when it’s time to sign up!!!!!!!!

Remember, this is mostly about improving you blog, not receiving gifts, and it’s fine if you won’t get a gift, as long as you have tried your best, every challenge doesn’t take 1 whole day to do, mostly half an hour to one hour, and 1 new challenges comes out every 1 or 2 weeks, you just have to find 1 hour in 2 weeks!! Is that hard??

P.S. You can Sign Up!! Just click Here! All you have to include is your name, e-mail,{reason why are you signing up and the link to your blog}= Optional

SEE YOU THERE???? Good Luck to you guys all!!!

P.P.S. this is the 1st challenge, after you have signed up, just write a post about the Better Blogging Battle!!



  1. Hey Sincere,

    Great blog! I’m so happy to see your skills and talents in blogging still keep getting better each and every day. It’s hard to imagine that you just started out just last year! That seems like forever ago.

    Anyways, I am so happy that you’ve joined the BBB again. It’s going to be a wild year, full of harder challenges and more exciting prizes. The competition is higher this year, with almost 75 participants already signed up. Can you believe it?

    Good luck and have fun!

    Ms. Cahusac

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