While my CAS project enabled me to provide for the poor and help out in a mental hospital for children, there are a lot of ethical implications associated with going on an international service trip. For instance, during the Cambodia trip, we had the ability to provide free medical checkups for several natives who needed it. […]

I was able to raise awareness for the global issues within the international community through participating in Famine12. This was an activity where we did not eat anything for 12 hours to raise awareness about people in the world who didn’t have access to basic resources, such as food and water. After this activity, we […]

My CAS project consisted of going to Cambodia to help provide some basic resources to the needy and interacting with children. I wanted this to be my CAS project as I knew I already had some experience working with children in the past (i.e. experience week and volunteering at my church), in which gave me communication skills. […]

Ever since a young age, I’ve always been involved in community and service, both locally and internationally. Ever since grade 5, I’ve participated in selling flags, or working as volunteering to help out at charity walks and visiting the elderly. Currently, I’ve still kept up in volunteering at charity walks, visiting the elderly approximately once every month. […]

From grade 5 onwards, I’ve been involved in a variety of CAS projects, such as visiting the elderly in Hong Kong, selling flags, visiting Cambodia to help provide necessities for the less fortunate, captaining the school badminton team etc. I believe that my empathy skills, especially within the service aspect, has been further developed. This was from […]

My CAS Project mainly revolves around service, where I plan during summer 2017 to be going to Cambodia with my church to help provide food and basic resources for the ones in need.   1. Investigation: Growing up, I’ve really loved helping others in need, especially knowing that I was brought up in such a good […]

Quote: “The value of knowledge is lost when the lines between fact and fiction are blurred.” To what extent is fiction considered invaluable? How do we determine whether something is a fact or a fiction? Does language or emotion play a role in determining it? To what extent can emotion hinder or help in the production […]

Claim: While there are a myriad of problems faced by Historians, knowledge can still be produced. I agree with this claim to a good extent, as there are many difficulties historians must face, especially when investigating history, emotion must be taken into account to a certain extent. Also, as history is the investigation of the past, it […]