Claim: Saenz de Cabezon claims that the truths in maths are eternal. Do you think this gives maths a privileged position in TOK? [Video HERE] Eduardo’s claim that truths in maths are eternal. Mathematicians spend their lives creating conjectures, then finding ways to turn them into theorems by proving them. Once it has been proven, it will […]

Summarize what the main point(s) of both essays into one short paragraph each. Which essay do you agree with more and why? Summary of Art and Truth: This article demonstrates how the artists feel the responsibility to convey truth in a way that communicates language. In certain cases, art is able to demonstrate the truth, such as […]

Claim: “Without the group to verify it, knowledge is not possible.” Knowledge: Facts, information, skills and concepts gained. Knowledge obtained from the scientific field would need a group to verify it, as scientific knowledge is extremely objective, hence it is necessary for a group of scientists to perform the experiment several times in order for the hypothesis to […]

Claim: Knowledge within arts is not objective & therefore not meaningful. Argument: Knowledge within the arts may not be objective, but can still be useful in different ways. If we were to define the term ‘knowledge’ as not simply what happened, but how those events impacted humans and what they had, artistic knowledge would be extremely […]

Claim: Science is objective and descriptive, while the arts are creative and interpretive. At the surface, many would agree to this claim, as science is known for trying to be as objective as possible, hence producing facts and theories, whereas arts is known for express your emotions through different representations. However, if we dig in […]

Claim: The distinction between science and pseudoscience is also not clear. Just like determining whether something is considered ‘art’ or not, it is difficult to differentiate between these 2 topics. In order to differentiate between these two topics, we must first determine what is science, what is it based on and how is it observed, and […]

What distinguishes Natural Science from other AOKs? Natural Sciences is defined as a study that relates to the physical world, such as biology, chemistry or physics, where the investigation is done through observation, reason and induction, while trying to be as objective as possible. As nothing is is 100% certain in science, instead of investigating what […]

Goal #1: Improve my health and fitness Purpose #1: Living a healthier life is becoming extremely important in my life, as I would like to be able to balance my schoolwork and sports. As the sports I play now (badminton and basketball) help me relieve my stress from academics, I feel that it is important for me to […]

Choose any 2 AOKs. Analyze why they are considered separate AOKs. Mathematics and the Arts Make reference to at least one of the categories of the KF in your discussion. Links to Personal Knowledge Mathematics – Mathematics is not considered as personal knowledge, where it is more of shared knowledge, as it is the same universally, […]