My CAS Project mainly revolves around service, where I plan during summer 2017 to be going to Cambodia with my church to help provide food and basic resources for the ones in need.   1. Investigation: Growing up, I’ve really loved helping others in need, especially knowing that I was brought up in such a good […]

Quote: “The value of knowledge is lost when the lines between fact and fiction are blurred.” To what extent is fiction considered invaluable? How do we determine whether something is a fact or a fiction? Does language or emotion play a role in determining it? To what extent can emotion hinder or help in the production […]

Claim: While there are a myriad of problems faced by Historians, knowledge can still be produced. I agree with this claim to a good extent, as there are many difficulties historians must face, especially when investigating history, emotion must be taken into account to a certain extent. Also, as history is the investigation of the past, it […]

Reason 1: To allow the whole population of a certain country to understand what challenges and difficulties our country have gone through to be able to get to where we are, allowing the community to become one. Reason 2: Helps allow people to imagine and gain some self-knowledge, as its based off of history. Reason 3: Helps allow […]

Claim: History is simply the collection of facts about the past. Definitions: Facts – A thing that is known or proved to be true. I agree with this claim to a certain extent, but I feel that history is much more than just a collection of the facts about the past. There are certain aspects in […]

An experience that really changed me was during my tryouts for SEASAC badminton back in grade 10. Badminton was one of my interests, and I really hoped to make in the team, as I believed I had the dedication to do so. However, I wasn’t able to get in. Instead of being too hung up […]

Global Issue: Poverty, Wealth and Power Globalization I’ve always enjoyed helping others, especially those in need, as I feel that since I was born such a privileged individual, I feel that otehrs should be able to receive the same opportunities I was given. Hence, I hope to focus around the service aspect of CAS, helping others in need […]

Claim: The production of knowledge in Human Science is too riddled with issues to give any credence to the claims of experts. Do you agree? I disagree with this claim to a certain extent. I agree that production of knowledge in human science, there being many limitations, for example, how all humans are unique individuals, […]

  The TOK essay summarizes how within mathematics, complete certainty can be achieved within its closed system, while in sciences, it is impossible to reach full certainty, as it is about falsifying not proving. Within the essay, the student could’ve spoken about the coherence theory of truth, how maths depends on axioms, and how it […]