Throughout the year, I have developed and learned many skills, strengths, and talents. Many of my talents include sports and visual arts. Although I had a slight natural talent, there were multiple skills that I had to learn in order to strengthen myself and push further.For example,  I have been playing tackle rugby since I was 8 years old and although I have the ability to run fast, I am constantly developing my methods and tactics to be successful. Throughout the year, I participated in football, track and field, touch rugby and tackle rugby. Another skill I have is in the arts; since I was 10 years old, I have had an hour and a half worth of art classes every week. In this one on one session with my teacher, I am able to develop my skills and learn many new methods in different media. In previous years, I have participated in CAS through being general members of clubs as well as the yearly CAS trips. This year I’ve decided to participate in more activities that I am passionate about. This year I am a general member of the photography club, athletic council, RESPECT and Unicef. On top of this, I voluntarily coach girl’s football on Friday afternoon. Although all of these clubs are significant, I love teaching refugees at RESPECT on Saturdays as I am able to directly help them. Furthermore, I have been a committed general member to Unicef and love organising events and am going to be an executive member next year. I have widened my horizon by participating in more CAS-related activities and I can’t wait to continually participate next year.