This year I showed the traits of being a risk taker through my participation in the National Rugby Program for under 16 girls and also my participation in a charity fashion show. I went into the trials for the rugby program with a lot of forethought as I had been playing rugby my whole life, I was terrified as the players I could potentially play with were at a very high level. Even though I was nervous, I took the initiative to take leadership of practices and thus achieved a spot in this team. Another example is the fashion show, I had never participated in one before but I believed strongly in the charity that they were raising money for, Girls not Brides. I was also very nervous but I did my best to walk and we ended up raising HKD $20,000 dollars that went straight to the charity. Both of these events required much forethought but also resulted in excellent outcomes.

Evidence #1 – National Rugby Program (Picture of me playing on New Years day)

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.00.09 PM

Evidence #2 – Participation in the charity fashion show

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