Design/History Reflection

We have just completed our final products for the Design and History unit. We were asked to create a documentary in which will inform the CDNIS grade 10 parents about a certain topic of Hong Kong history, in our case it was the Kowloon Walled City. My group consists of Nicole, Katrina and Rachel and I feel that our documentary has met all the specified design requirements. My role was the editor and I think that this was the most laborious job. As we did not have much time to complete our documentary, I…continue reading →

Design – Final Prototype Analysis

Below is the my explanation for my heart valve prototype, I haven't made too many changes from it's original design and most of the changes made were from the aesthetic aspect of the model. I added small designs to make the prototype more colourful as grade 6s stated that their favourite colours were the blue and red I used. I didn't want to overdo the designs as it would distract the students away from the main objective of the heart valve; it's function. The gantt chart, created at the beginning of Criterion C was…continue reading →

Design Day 2015

Today we began a 5 week design project that ties in with Science. To start us off we looked through everything that we needed to accomplish, what we're doing every block and the expectations of us as grade 10 students in the library. We talked a lot about the steps to success and how failure is bound to happen, how we shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes otherwise we would never get to where we are now. We watched an very interesting video of a medical student who wanted to help reduce the percentage…continue reading →

The Ibook Project

From design projects Waste not, Want not I learned that there are many different packaging styles that I can use and they also are environmentally friendly. I learned how to look at nets and find the surface area and volume of the shapes and packaging we made. I also learnt how to make a package effectively. I am pretty good at math which helped me succeed in the Waste not, Want not project because we had to calculate nets and we needed math skills for that. What challenged me during the Waste not,…continue reading →

My Grade 8 Maths Design Package

  My package was designed to hold a tumbler efficiently and aesthetically appealing. I learnt how to design a package and create a good package that holds a product well and looks quite good. I enjoyed making the actual package because i've never really done anything like this and I love to try new things. I also enjoyed designing the package because I like to do art and looking at nets and designs was fun.continue reading →