Hi guys,
Just now I read an article about NASA sending a small robot in a rocket to get to mars and find more information about mars, on November 26th. They now know that every planet needs water because they found some ice water on Mars. The robot is called Curiosity, NASA also said that there was another robot on mars who has been there since 2004, and the robot is still on mars researching. They said that the other robot has travelled 30 km on Mars, the robot since 2004 is called opportunity. Curiosity has a drill on the end of his arms to get samples of inside the rocks on mars.
I think that it was really smart to send a robot up to mars before sending a human because the robot can tell NASA what the we need to survive in mars. I really liked this article and I hope you guys have learnt more about mars.
If you would like to know more you can go to this link: http://oleregular.cmail5.com/t/ViewEmail/y/D258E0328D881113/475B8F1901962749C68C6A341B5D209E

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