Trait 4 – Knowledgeable


Evidence I – Academic Awards

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I have always strived for academic prowess. I always try to learn as much as I can in order to gain in-depth knowledge in a broad variety of subjects. This is evident in the academic awards that I have been awarded. I have earned the Honour’s Roll and Principal’s Award each year during my time in the upper school.

Evidence II – Personal Project & 3D Printing



Click here for video of the printer extruding

For my Personal Project, I built a 3D printer from scratch. I conducted a lot of research in order to gain the knowledge required to understand the fundamental mechanisms that are required for 3D printing technologies. I believe that as a new and up and coming technology, 3D printing will become very important to us as a society in the future. So, gaining this new found knowledge on the topic is something that I think portrays me as being knowledgeable.

As an extension to the this, I was recently approached by Mr. Sharp, a science teacher at our school to help build some 3D printers for the school. At the workshops, I was able to use my knowledge and help guide some the other students through the processes required to build a printer.



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