Trait 3 – Caring

Evidence I – Service in Sabah

IMG_9593 IMG_9515

This past CAS week, I travelled to Sabah and helped a rural Kampong by constructing a new fence and road for the locals. I really wanted to choose a trip that would allow me to provide a service. While I have had the opportunity to help those in Hong Kong, this trip allowed me to help those in the larger global community. I think that this encompasses the trait of being caring. All of us on the trip worked hard out of empathy to help those in need.

Evidence II – Volunteering at Medical Scanning Facility

IMG_3505 IMG_3504


Starting this year, I have begun to volunteer my time at a medical screening centre in Hong Kong. Once a week at the centre I shadow technicians and assist some of the elderly patients. By helping them prepare for the scan and guiding them through the process, I am able to provide a service to the people that need help. This shows how I am caring towards those in our community. All I hope is that I am able to help the sick a little bit and make a positive impact on their lives.

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