Trait 2 – Inquirer

Evidence I – North Eastern University Tour

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One of the ways which I have demonstrated that I am an inquirer, is through my participation in the North East University Tour of 2016 (NEUT). By physically visiting a variety of universities, I was able to get first hand knowledge about the schools. The tour allowed me to take the initiative to inquire into the potential options of universities. Joining the tour was the result of my inherent curiosity and love of learning, even extending into researching about my own future.

Evidence II – Summer Program

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Another way in which I demonstrated my skills as an inquirer was joining the Medical Youth Summer Program (MED YSP) at the University of Toronto. The experience and knowledge that is gained from the programme is new to me and shows my interest in pursing a better understanding of the human body. The program allows for me to learn a lot in a subject that I am very passionate about.


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