Trait 1 – Balanced

Evidence 1: Athletics

Living a balanced lifestyle is very important to me. That is why in addition to my academic life, I am on a variety of sports teams at school. I am on the Division I U16 Volleyball Team and Division I U16 Basketball Team. I believe that the sense of camaraderie and physical training that comes with joining the teams helps add balance to my life.

10478543_383451681814790_5828724771218348760_n12194989_546925235467433_8209923627768745577_o For volleyball, our team has won the ISSFHK Championships every year. We are a very accomplished team and I have been able to achieve MVP status for two of the fours years that I have played on the team.

Basketball is my Season 2 sport. I have been on the team since 2011. Like volleyball, basketball requires us to invest a lot of time to keep fit. I won the U16 MIP Award this year.

Although it sometimes is difficult to manage academic work with the hours required to train for the sport, I think that having a healthy and active lifestyle is essential for one to be truly balanced. Even out of the season, there are weekly trainings that the team organizes in order to stay in shape, develop our skills and be ready for the next year. The seasons are always a highlight of my year and is something that I look forwards to continuing in the years to come.



Volleyball U16

Basketball U16

Evidence II : Habitat for Humanity


Just as I cherish being physically fit, I balance my lifestyle with my commitments to other clubs. I have joined the Habitat for humanity Club at our school. I am an executive in the club and I think that the work that our club does demonstrates the trait of being balanced. I think that being emotionally balanced is just as important as being intellectually or physically balanced. I also believe that that being able to provide a service and helping others helps me balance myself emotionally. This is exactly what the club encompasses. Being in the club shows how I achieve personal well-being for myself and and for others.



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