LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

One of the ways in which I have demonstrated the above learning outcome is through the balancing of my academics and CAS experiences. I am very committed to the clubs and activities that I decide to be involved in. A good example of this, is the commitment to the volleyball and basketball teams at school. Both teams require a lot of time to be dedicated to the team in order to continually get better. As a result, early morning trainings and extra weekend sessions are commonplace. With these activities taking up two seasons within the year, my commitment to these teams has shown how I have been able to dedicate myself to long-term experiences.

Of course, there have been times where other responsibilities have conflicted with my the harsh time schedule of the teams. For example, this past year, I was unsure if I would be able to make it to the SEASAC tournament during the volleyball season. It just so happened that the BMAT, a standardised test that I needed to take to complete my university applications, was scheduled fro the same day that we were scheduled to leave for Singapore. I looked for ways to reschedule, but for this particular test, there is only a singular date to take the test for everybody worldwide. This was a blow to my initial plans, as SEASAC represents the most important tournament to our season. I knew that the team would be relying on all team members in order to be successful in the competition.

Fortunately, I took the initiative to speak about my predicament with my coaches and the athletic department early on. We were able to arrange for a later flight that I could take myself after completing my test. I would be travelling alone, but I would make it on time to the first games at SEASAC. While changes to the original plan had to be made, I learned through this experience how having some early foresight could ensure that future contingencies did not affect my commitments to my CAS experiences.

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