TOK: Validity of History

Is it possible for historical writing to be free from perspective?

One of the main aspects of the field history that is often used to criticise the validity of historical facts is the fact that one’s perspective becomes almost undoubtably present in whatever writing is creating. Many argue that this inherent bias that is found within historical texts limits the knowledge that can be extracted from the source. However, I believe that this is not necessarily an issue. The more import question that should be asked is:

Is it even a problem that historical writing might not be free from perspective?

If we consider that history is a field that takes the different perspectives of stakeholders into account when viewing past events, one could say that the bias that is found within historical writing actually is not a major issue. It it the responsibility of the reader to look back at sources from the past with heavy criticism and scrutiny in order to discover the truth. We must be able to dismiss certain sources while cross checking details of another in order to accurately read writing from the past. Now while this may be time consuming and difficult at times, it is essential to uncover information on past events and piecing together how history has unfolded.

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