Quantum Mechanics

How does Quantum Physics change your perspective of how natural science works?

I have to start by saying that before watching the video of quantum mechanics I have been exposed to some of the ideas that were discussed through my own interest. However, despite this fact, I am still equally as intrigued by the nature in which quantum physics works. The fact that quantum particles can act in a way that defies our physical reality is completely mystifying to me. Despite having evidence to disprove Einstein’s simplistic explanation as to how particles in super position work, it is difficult to truly believe Bohrs and Bell’s argument. Their findings essentially say that our physical reality is not real until we check.

One quote that I find myself thinking about now is “Is the moon there when no one looks?”. Our own understandings would say that obviously yes, the moon would be there. However, the discovery of quantum particles makes questions like this more interesting. If the principle of superposition and fast than light communication between these particles exists, could this also apply to other physic properties like the moon as well?

I honestly don’t believe that this is the case. I do believe that quantum mechanics dictates our physical reality but our current understanding of quantum physics is so abstract and unimaginable using any sensible reason that it is exceptionally difficult to simply dismiss and doubt our physical reality completely.

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