6. Language

What are the characteristics that you feel best describe language?

I believe that at a fundamental level, language can be boiled down to a few key basic characteristics. I think that firstly, language is required to be able to convey meaning. It needs to be able to express thoughts or evoke ideas. As a result of this, secondly, language must be understood by multiple individuals. What good is it  for one person to eloquently express themselves in a room where no one else can understand them. Language is a social activity and as such must be a 2 way road between the speaker and the receiver.

What might be some weaknesses of language?

Although language can be very specific, it is not perfect. Despite the fact that a statement can include a plethora of details and be very specific in nature, the issue lies in the fact that no language can perfectly convey an intended meaning in its entirety. Individual words, statements and language as a whole are all subjected to our individual biases and experiences.

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