3. Sense Perception

In regards to the way in which we understand and make meaning of the world, it is important to question the fundamental nature of our sense’s reliability. This ultimately culminates into the following question:

Do you agree more strongly with perceptual realism or perceptual relativism?

I believe that being while the argument that we can’t truly perceive the reality of world is valid, it is difficult to live with that kind of mind set. It is true that everything that we see is filtered through our own phaneron, making it impossible to determine whether or not our individual experiences and ways in which our brains process the sensory information given to us are true representations of the world around us.

However in saying this, I believe that it is this processing of information is what allows us to make meaning of the world. I would argue that the fact that our perception is skewed by our own experiences and the context in which they are given is not necessarily a negative aspect. While in certain situations such as sensory illusions our senses can be proven to be unreliable, these illusions are designed to do just that -beat our senses. In most cases that occur in our daily lives however, I think that we often find that the processing that our brains subjects our senses to doesn’t necessarily impede our ability to make meaning.

It is far easier to live our lives with the understanding that while our senses inherently cannot truly represent our world around us, we are better off relying on our senses as they are the only true means of making any meaning.


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