Playing Test and Theory Test Reflection


Overall, I am quite happy with my marks. I achieved a 7/10. Since I first started playing the trumpet, I always found it difficult to play high notes and fast rhythms. The piece “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” was a good challenge because of it uses triplets and has high notes like the high E. I practiced hard though, and feel that I did my best. I definitely could have practiced more to ensure that I hit those high notes while maintaining the rhythm while under pressure. I think that I could have practiced more on the scales as well. I was nervous and while playing the difficult scales like the C Melodic Minor, I choked. This could have been avoided if I had practiced more.


I am actually really proud of what I achieved on the theory test. 46/50 I think that I have made major improvements. I studied hard on everything we learned. From tones and semi tones to writing key signatures, from texture to describing timbre. The only mistake on the theory part was writing a key signature, where I wrote a sharp on the wrong line. The other marks I missed were on the Folk music part. I definitely could have done better here by listening to folk music more and identifying the elements of it.

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