Music Criteria D

I think that I achieved a 5-6 in Criteria D. I was always engaged in class. I wouldn’t go off task or talk a lot to my classmates when we got to work. I was focused so that we could work efficiently and learn as much as possible in the short time allocated for music. This term, I also participated more in class. Originally, I was less confident in answering questions as I had less knowledge about the subject, but I made it one of my goals and even though I think I could still participate more, I think that I have made a major improvement. I was almost always prepared for class. I would bring my instrument, music book and DW to class every time, apart from a few days where I was confused about either the changes in the Day 1, Day 2 system caused by weather or because of the double period PEs and Music. I also made it a goal of mine to practice the pieces at home and recorded them in my DW as well, which I did. Even though I did not participate in the band, I feel as if my overall engagement and commitment in Music in general was good.

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