Guilin CAS Week

This May, our grade had our CAS week trips. As the title suggests, I went on the Guilin trip. Overall, the trip was very fun! I had never been to Yangshuo before, and was very excited to experience all it had to give.

During our trip, we did a variety or camp activities that really made the trip for me. From hiking, kayaking, biking, cave exploring and rock climbing, we did it all. I especially liked the kayaking. Last year, I had gone on a kayak trip in Canada and was pleasantly surprised to see that I would be able to use a kayak once again. I found the kayaking to be both peaceful and fun at the same time. Riding over large waves and playing games was great but just paddling down the calm river surrounded by beautiful scenery cannot be overlooked. Other activities such as the Yangshuo light show and the time on West street were also fun. The light show that was created by world renowned Liu San Jie, was very interesting. It told unique story through the use of lights and drama in an ever so captivating way.

I think that this trip provided an experience like no other. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot along the way.

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