Digital Works of 2014

Design Project 1: Package

I think that this is one of my better design works of this year. It was tough to get to the final product but seeing my design move from Google Sketchup to real life was really satisfying. Being able to face a challenge, go through the design process and come out with a final product is an ability I hopefully never lose.


Design Project 2: iBook Movie

Another successful design project this year was our iBook about Poliomyelitis. For this iBook, I created a movie that depicted how the virus spread at the cellular level. The long hours I put into the planning, storyboarding, animating and post of this video made it one of the most challenging and tedious design works I have ever attempted to date. I think it was worth it though as it opened me up to new applications such as Final Cut Pro while testing my skills in others like photoshop.

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