Melodrama Performance – Reflection

     I feel pretty god about my performance in our “Damsel in Distress” despite some mistakes that were made. 3 adjectives I would use to describe how I feel are; fulfilling, upsetting, and yet zealous. These adjectives are contradictory, but match my mixed feelings I have towards my performance. I think that for the most part I did pretty good. I followed our plans and I believe that my actions and tone of speech matched that of my character (hero). So this is what makes me feel proud of what I have done. I was excited to present and I tried to do my best. I committed to the performances, and tried to give it my all. I made some mistakes though in the performance that could have been avoided. For example, I forgot my lines at one point. This was during my longest line and I think that it was because I was nervous that I scrambled them. We also messed up the fight scene a little bit as we skipped a small section of it. This might have gone unnoticed by the audience, but looking back, this is upsetting to me.

      I think that I was strongest at planning the stage directions/choreography of fight scene. I think this because when were planning where people would stand or what they would do, I would constantly be thinking about how the audience would see it. I tried to think of ways to make things more interesting for the audience. An example of this is during the fight scene, I decided that we would start with fist fighting and then transition to sword fighting. I thought that this would be interesting for the audience as most of the other groups mainly used swords in their fight. So during the fight scene, I upper cut and then follow up with a strangle. This scene only works from the audiences perspective as the ay I’m standing it looks like I hit the “villain” but in reality, I miss by quite a bit. Another example is pointing out when people are blocking others, or themselves.

One aspect that I found challenging was working with people I haven’t worked with before. Although we all got along with each other pretty well (no big arguments), I was working with people with many new ideas and thinkings. This was challenging as it was hard to reach a decision with 4 very different minds. So to overcome this, we had to come to a compromise. One we did this, it made things much better.

During practice, we performed for 2 other groups to receive feedback. There were two main types of feedback that we received; ones towards the entire group and ones targeted at individuals. For the group feedback, we read them and then discussed what we would do to fix them. These fixes were pretty simple as the feedback we received was mostly about blocking and volume of voice. Personally, I took the individual feedback seriously. I wanted to give it my all and make the performance the best that I could do. The feedback towards me was mostly about stance and voice. So I practiced my “Hero” voice multiple times after that until I thought that it matched what I wanted well enough. I did this with my stance too. The next lesson, I got more feedback from that original group and my own group. They told me that it was much better and more like how a hero would be like.

I am proud of what we were able to  accomplish. This was one of the biggest performances I have done in the aspect of planning, use of time and the actual execution. I think that I was most proud of is the execution of my character’s conventions. I think that I am most proud of this because I believe that during my performance the audience was able to see my understanding of the Hero’s conventions. This is something that we had work a lot of in class and I am proud that I was able to apply my understanding in an actual performance.

As said previously, the two main things that went wrong in my performance were me forgetting my lines and missing a part of the fight scene. These were not major mistakes and did not affect my other members greatly. I merely scrambled my words a little. THe part that was missed in the fight scene was not essential to the performance and after receiving some feedback I found that some people didn’t even notice. I think this teaches me to always be prepared as practice is always different than in the heat of the moment.

I think that the most important skill that I learned during this unit being able to “take apart” a character and then act as that character in other form. This was achieved once I understood how each character acts in different situations. I learned this from looking at different examples of characters, mainly heroes online. This skill will be very useful in future performances.

My goals at the beginning of the unit were to be able to use the 4 p’s well and to be able to improvise better. I think that through this “Damsel in Distress” performance, I was able to reach these goals. Not only did I have to use the 4 p’s but I had to use them with the use of my character’s conventions. When mistakes were made during the performance, I had to use improvisation to minimise the obviousness of the error. Before this unit, I believe that I wound’t be able to accomplish what I have.

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