Unit 1 Test – Number Systems Reflection

This assessment, the thing I did well on was the questions about ratios and explantations. I understood why ratios made sense in different contexts. One thing I need to work on is significant figures and rates. I needed to show all the possibilities when it came to significant figures as it didn’t specify. For rates, I had to make sure that I proof edited my work as there were many silly mistakes that could have been avoided.

In terms of pre-test preparation, I did the extensions and harder questions to make sure I would be ready for the test. This strategy was kind of effective as the harder questions on the test I could easily do. Although things not covered in the harder questions before the test such as significant figures, were more challenging for me as I did not practice them. Out of the stress and learning graph I would give myself a 2.5 for this unit. I knew what was going on for nearly all the unit, it was just on the test where I made silly mistakes.

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