Tuck Everlasting

During the Easter break, everyone had to finish reading the book “Tuck Everlasting”. It is about the Tuck family, who found a spring that is similar to the fountain of youth. Winnie Foster, a girl from the family that owns the wood that the spring is in, then finds the Tucks. The Tucks shortly after get imprisoned for kidnapping Winnie and killing a man who tried to find her, escape and are never to be found again. To find out more about this book, Click Here.

This past week we have all been assigned to do different projects relating to this book. Some did newspapers, some did a courtroom scene, but my group an I were assigned to make an advertisement and a commercial for the magical water. This was quite a challenge, because we didn’t know much about the water other than the fact that it grants living things immortality. So we decided to make it a drink similar to a sports drink. We first decided to make the advertisement first as we could then use it in the commercial too. We chose to chose colours relating to water for the ad. As for the commercial, we decided to go with a kind of STOMP effect using sounds from our movements as a soundtrack. I think that the end result was a good representation of what we had in our minds.

In conclusion, I think that this project was fun and was a good learning experience for us all.

Here is our advertisement.

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